Working from home is about to get a whole lot easier…

The new Galaxy S21 Ultra was one of three new additions to the Samsung family but of course, Samsung had a little something up their sleeve when it came to this mobile.

The long line of Ultra models, that came before this one, are living proof that Samsung don’t do things by half when it comes to them. They’re always bigger, but not just their display but their cameras, their battery, sometimes even their storage.

This year, Samsung decided to throw a curveball at their fans and deliver something truly unexpected. The famous S Pen has always been associated with the Galaxy Note series, until now.

But this is no ordinary stylus, with each generation the S Pen gets an upgrade with new, and fancy features. This year, it still lives within the S21 Ultra itself and connects to the mobile via Bluetooth.

It gets its power from a super-capacitor battery and becomes fully charged in only 40 seconds! When fully charged, you’ll be able to use it for a whole 30 minutes or for 200 button clicks. When you do start to run low, you’ll get a notification to charge it back up.

Many of you may be worried about the S Pen draining your battery but Samsung have estimated that it only uses 0.5mAh per full charge. The Galaxy S21 Ultra packs a whopping 5000mAh battery, so we think you’ll be just fine.

The fanciest of features.

If the global pandemic is sending you insane and you’re juggling working from home with home schooling, cleaning, cooking and everything in between, you’ll take anything that’ll make things easier for you.

The S Pen is here to save the day and has lots of fancy features that you’ll want to familiarise yourself with.

Someone holding the Galaxy S21 Ultra and using the S Pen.
What will you be using your S Pen for...

Direct Writing Input.

This one is definitely more fun than it sounds and lets you fill out text fields on your phone, with actual writing. On your keyboard, there is a Pen Detection option in the Handwriting section of its settings.

It will automatically open the writing pad when the blank text fields are selected. This features comes just in time for Valentine’s Day and will make it super-simple to write handwritten love notes… Or maybe just this week’s shopping list.

Air View.

When we think of the words air view, we’re automatically picturing ourselves in an airplane, call it holiday withdrawals. While this isn’t quite as exciting as a trip away, it’s a handy feature that’ll make staying organised super-easy.

Air View lets you gather information quickly by hovering the stylus close to it. It works well with Samsung’s calendar and gallery app and is perfect if you need to check the details of a meeting or what time your dentist appointment is at!


This is one for the more creative Samsung users and you can picture it like an exclusive art club – no Apple users allowed. You can create drawings, colour in existing pictures, and share your artwork with other users. It’s the perfect pass time during lockdown, who knows maybe you’ll be the next Van Gough…

Someone using PENUP on a Samsung to draw a bird.
Release your inner creativity with PENUP.

AR Doodle.

While we’re on the topic of getting creative, it’s probably a good time to mention the AR Doodle feature. This lets you open your camera and doodle on things that are in the frame. It recognises surfaces and your surroundings and lets you get artsy with your photography.

A photo of a girl with AR Doodles on her face.
AR Doodle is about to make things so much more fun.

You could draw a little top hat on your dog or give your living room a make-over. You can move the camera away from your doodle to create something new, while your old creation will stay right where it was.

Change the S Pen ink colour.

If you’re using your S Pen to make notes and don’t fancy writing in all black, you can switch up your ink colour and make your notes look more appealing. It’ll have you feeling like your back at school revising for you exams!

Screen Off Memo.

With all the madness that’s going off in the world, it’s impossible to remember everything we need to. This handy Screen Off Memo feature lets you take notes on your mobile, without unlocking the screen.

It’s perfect if a random thought just pops into your mind! Simply remove the S Pen while the screen is locked and follow the on-screen prompts. Once you’ve jotted down what you need, the notes will be saved in the note app and you can control what happens to them at any time.

Screen Write.

This feature is the ultimate hack for working at home. It lets you take a screenshot of your entire screen and immediately opens this so you can work on it. If a colleague sends over a project or a proposal, you can take a snapshot and begin writing notes on it.

Someone using Screen Write on a Samsung.
Screen Write will make everything super-easy. 

Communicating via teams and email rather than face-to-face has made things really difficult. This feature makes it easier to communicate exactly what you mean and eliminates any confusion or mix ups!

Smart Select.

Sometimes you may want to take a screenshot of something but don’t want the entire page in the shot. Smart select lets you use the S Pen to draw a shape anywhere on the screen and your mobile will simply take a screenshot of just that area.


This is one for the holiday lovers. With this feature, you can hover the S Pen over a word in a foreign language and Google Translate will tell you what it means. There’s also an option to listen to the word by using the small sound icon – great for learning how to pronounce something!


If you’re an avid reader and love using your Samsung to get into a good book, this feature is perfect. Magnify lets you use your S Pen to hover over anything and make it bigger and easier to read.

You can magnify things by 150, 200, 250, and 300 percent. It doesn’t just work for books though, you can literally make anything bigger A photo, a website page, or anything on social media.

Multiple S Pens.

The new Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra is compatible with multiple S Pens, meaning you can switch things up and opt for different colour pens. If one of your S Pens dies and you simply can’t wait for it to charge up, you can sub in another with the greatest of ease!

Samsung the saviour.

There are endless hacks and features that you can take advantage of when it comes to the S Pen. These are just some of our favourites and we think they’ll really help you out with working at home.

The S Pen is compatible with the Galaxy Note series, the new Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra and Samsung tablets. Not got your Samsung device yet? Don’t panic. We’ve got lots of great deals across Samsung, so you can start enjoying the S Pen fun, right away!