Let’s skip the hello’s for now, Google.

Google Assistant is a handy little pal that Android users get to use to their advantage. For any Apple fans that are currently reading, it’s Android’s answer to Siri.

It’s super helpful in answering questions quickly, providing directions to different places, undertaking tasks on your Android phone and too many more things to even begin to name.

The list of things that you can ask your Google Assistant is endless, but rumour has it that a new update is about to change the way you speak to it once and for all.

Hey, Google.

Android users know the pain that comes with having to shout, ‘hey Google’, every time you require help.

This isn’t too much of an issue if you’re sat inside away from others but when you’re in Tesco doing your weekly shopping and want help with a recipe for that night’s tea, it becomes a tad embarrassing barking ‘hey Google’ down your phone.

According to Pocket-lint, Google are working on a way to make life easier for Android users who want to use their Google Assistant for their day to day tasks.

Whether that’s answering calls or switching off your alarm, Google’s rumoured update is set to eliminate the need to say ‘hey Google’.

If there’s any truth to this update, you will be able to use one word commands such as ‘stop’ to halt an alarm, or ‘play’ to resume your music.

Someone using Google Assistant on an Android phone.
Wave goodbye to 'hey Google' once and for all.

This handy update has the codename Guacamole. We’d love to explain that to you but unfortunately, we have no clue as to why Google have chosen to use this Mexican treat as a codename – sounds pretty fun and delicious though.

The feature has been spotted in various versions of the Google app for a while and 9to5Google seem to think that it’s designed to simplify some voice interactions.

Bear with us for this next bit folks, it’s all a little detective-y. The latest mention of Guacamole was found in the Google app’s settings, with a listing under said codename meaning ‘quickly get things done’.

Did someone call the police? Well good. Android Police have gone on to do some more digging and discovered that the code term relates to voice short cuts that will finally see the back of the ‘hey Google’ phrase once and for all.

There are talks of this cool feature being unveiled in test form at Google’s I/O developer conference this year, following the cancelation of their 2020 conference due to the pandemic.

The virtual-only developers conference will start on the 18thMay and we can only cross our fingers and toes that there’s some truth to this rumour.

Goodbye, hey Google.

This rumoured update is certainly one to get excited about and while Google themselves haven’t confirmed anything, we’re still getting our hopes up.

This update will pave the way for futuristic interaction between phone users and their phone. You’ll be able to engage in a conversation with your virtual assistant like you would with your friends down at the pub.

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