Let’s look at what this means for you, and how other UK networks compare.

Three has announced that its 5G network is now live across 154 towns and cities all around the UK, meaning it’s easier than ever to access superfast speeds. Having only launched in February 2020, Three’s 5G is quickly becoming one of the best in the game.

5G follows in the footsteps of previous generations of mobile technology : 3G and 4G. However, it offers all sorts of advancements over its predecessors, which are being described as revolutionary. For one, 5G is much faster and offers greater capacity, meaning lots of phones and devices in busy areas can be connected at the same time.

It also offers a reduction in latency (the time between instructing a wireless device to perform an action and that action being completed), making it super-responsive to whatever you’re doing online. It brings an end to the buffering, lagging and delays we all hate so much, paving the way for new, innovative services.

There are now a ton of mobile phones that support 5G, many worth taking a look at. Apple’s new iPhone 12, 12 mini, 12 Pro and 12 Pro Max all pack incredible 5G technology. But Apple are new to the 5G game, with Samsung, Google, Huawei, and Sony having already rolled out some top-class 5G devices.

We’ve got some top deals on our 5G mobiles with the very best networks and we thought we’d take this opportunity to take a look at what these networks offer.

A look at Three’s 5G.

Three are top of the class for 5G coverage, beating EE’s current tally of 112 towns and cities and O2’s tally of just over 100.

Having guaranteed their users, the 100MHz 5G experience, they pride themselves on delivering fine-tuned, full-pelt, maxed out 5G.

If you opt for one of Three’s 5G mobiles, you’re opening yourself up to superfast streaming, razor-sharp gaming, and instant downloads.

Basically, everything that you do on your mobile phone will be faster.

A photo of a boy playing a game on his phone.
Three's 5G delivers more responsive gaming. 

Three claims an average data speed for 5G in access of 200Mbps, making it faster than other networks. Of course, this doesn’t stop its competition from rising to the challenge.

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A look at EE’s 5G.

EE was voted UK’s no.1 network seven years in a row, and as of October 2020, they were crowned the UK’s no.1 network for 5G, too.

Of course, this was prior to Three’s big announcement. EE’s 5G is rolled out in 112 cities and larger towns, and they’re persistently working to bring it to even more places in the UK.

A photo of a girl wearing AR glasses and holding up an EE 5G phone.
Which AR experience are you most excited for? 

EE’s 5G delivers lots of new experiences, particularly with AR. You can experience your very on AR gig, or get life-like experiences of walking down the tunnel with your team on match day

A look at O2’s 5G.

O2’s 5G is available in over 100 towns and cities across the UK, which is huge considering they only began their 5G journey in October 2019. They currently offer 28 5G-enabled devices, giving you plenty to choose from. The great news is that the brand-new iPhone 12 is included!

With O2’s 5G, you can enjoy faster downloads, higher-quality streaming and more responsive gaming.

Whether you’re using your personal device or your business device, O2’s 5G will give you a more reliable connection in extra busy places – perfect for the big cities in the UK!

A photo of a woman using AR gaming.
5G gives rise to realistic AR experiences. 

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A look at Vodafone’s 5G.

Vodafone is the one to look out for if you’re living it up in the England’s capital. They’ve been awarded the very impressive title of London’s Best 5G Network and are currently working to cover as much of the UK as possible.

A photo of a man sat using his phone on a step with a city behind him.
Vodafone have ensured you get super-fast 5G, even in busier locations. 

Their 5G is delivered in 46 locations around the UK and is the first network to give 5G coverage abroad. With 70 5G locations across Germany, Ireland, Spain, and Italy, you can stay connected while you’re away from home.

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Which network will it be…

Three’s announcement is incredible and will bring so many benefits to lots of different people around the UK. However, O2, and Vodafone offer huge 5G perks too.

Our conclusion? The 5G race is far from over. Whichever network you decide to opt for, you’re guaranteed faster downloads, better streaming, and more responsive gaming. The choice is yours.