Turning it off could change your life.

As the digits drop to below 50%, your heart starts to race, a sickness enters your stomach, as you frantically glance around for the nearest power socket. We’ve all been there.

The feeling you get when your phone charge gets low is nothing short of anxiety-inducing. And, maybe, that’s a real problem that we ought to be addressing.

If you own pretty much any modern smartphone, there’s a constant reminder of your impending doom in the top right corner of your device. Yes, that percentage mark is more than mere numbers. It’s a constant countdown. The worry that your phone will die and you’ll be left to fend without it is a major stress.

With that in mind, here’s why you should turn off your battery percentage.

The Percentage Makes You Obsessive

There’s nothing healthy about obsessing over your phone’s battery life. If you find yourself stressing and worrying about it, that’s a major problem.

Sheldon from Big Bang Theory is in panic

While, without the percentage, you can still see that your battery is getting low, you can’t see an exact number. The symbol is more than effective enough to let you know when your charge is low, which means that there’s no reason to be more specific about it.

So, here’s some advice: Turn off the percentage. This small yet significant difference could be integral to your sense of perspective. Understanding that your phone may be low is one thing, but counting down every minute, second, and millisecond until that happens is quite another. Once you switch it off, you can relax for a moment and take a breath. Ahh!

Overcharging Your Phone is a Problem

As if that weren’t reason enough, another seriously crucial reason that you need to get rid of that percentage sign is the risk of overcharging.

When you get into an anxious cycle with your device, you may be tempted to charge it too much. This over-the-top charging habit could wear out the battery of your phone earlier than normal. That means that you may end up needing a new phone sooner than you otherwise would.

A man is getting anxious from overcharging his phone

So, if you’re the type of person who reaches for their USB cable whenever your percentage drops a tad, it’s time to change your ways. You may well be charging your phone unnecessarily. That percentage sign is misleading you and making you believe that constant charging is your only option. It’s not.

How to Turn the Percentage Off

So, are you ready to break the cycle and stop checking out the percentage of your phone all the time? If you just screamed yes, here’s what you need to do.

On iPhone: Head to Settings > Battery and then toggle off the feature that says Battery Percentage. Simple.

On Samsung: Settings > Device Maintenance > Battery > Advanced Settings > Percentage on status bar.

For other Android phone, follow a similar settings path to the Samsung instructions above.