The secret to good health: an Apple a day and, 8 hours sleep a night.

Sleep is the one thing we all have in common; we can’t get enough of it. There’s nothing finer, especially in the typically gloomy nights of a UK winter, than putting on your PJs, sticking on a film, and getting into bed.

Experts say that we supposedly should have 8 hours sleep a night to get up and feel our best. For some of you, 8 hours sleep seems like something from a fantasy film, while others crave at least 10 hours.

Apple are here to help you doze off at night and get the best sleep you can. Most televisions these days come equipped with sleep timers, so you can put on a film and set a timer, so it powers off while you sleep.

Some of you might not like to have your TV on at night and love listening to a podcast or some relaxing music instead. Maybe you don’t have a TV in your room and like to watch films on your iPhone instead.

Whatever it is that you use your mobile for, Apple devices have a sleep timer that makes drifting off so much easier. This is not a new feature but it’s one that seems to be hard to find, and not many people are aware of it.

No more counting sheep.

If you’ve not heard of this, you’re not alone. It’s tucked away in your iPhone, specifically in the Clock app, hidden under timer. However, unlike that god awful alarm that comes at the end of the timer you’re familiar with, this one just powers everything off when time runs out.

Here’s where to find it and how you can set a sleep timer on your Apple device.

1)     Open the Clock app.

2)     Tap on Timer in the bottom right corner.

3)     Set the timer length that you want.

4)     Tap When Timer Ends.

5)     Scroll to the bottom and tap on Stop Playing.

6)     Tap Set in the upper right hand corner.

7)     Select Start to start the timer.

A screenshot of Apple's sleep timer.
Apple lets you wind down with your own sleep timer. 

Whether you’re an hour deep into a movie, half-way through a YouTube tutorial, or listening to a 2 hour rain and meditation podcast, when time is up on the timer, the Stop Playing function will cut off any media that’s currently playing.

Your Apple device screen will lock, saving your battery and preventing your iPhone from getting too hot. Your sleep timer settings can also be remembered, so you can go back into the Clock app and start your timer again.

This is a great way of not only ensuring your iPhone or iPad turns off all media while you’re sleeping but is perfect for setting yourself limits before bed. Perhaps you’ve gotten too good at getting sucked into social media before you go to sleep and want to set yourself time limits.

Maybe your little ones are spending too much time gaming before a big day of home schooling and you want to set the sleep timer off as a way of making sure they’re getting enough hours in!

Wind down with Apple.

Lockdown is tiring enough without you not getting the sleep your body needs to power through. As much as we all may not admit it, it’s very easy for our phones to keep us up at night. With so many fun videos and new TV series’ out there, the hours just pass by.

Before we know it, it’s 12am and we’re up for work in 7 hours. If you’re looking for a new phone, you might want to keep this little feature in mind. We’ve got lots of great deals on iPhone that you’ll love almost as much as a good night’s sleep.