Get yourself a free Google Pixel Watch worth £379 or a free pair of Pixel Buds Pro worth £179.

It is a truth universally acknowledged that there's almost nothing better than a freebie. That's how the quote goes, right? Well, quotes aside, Google have got it spot on this October – not only have they released two phenomenal new phones, but they're also backing them up with some fancy new tech that you can get your mitts on for FREE.

Yup, the Google Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro can be yours alongside some of the best headphones we've seen in years (that would be the Pixel Buds Pro, for the record), or the all-new Google Pixel Watch LTE, which is a pretty fantastic deal if you ask us.

What’s the deal?

It's pretty simple – just order the Pixel 7 or the Pixel 7 Pro before midnight on the 17th of October 2022.

If you buy the Pixel 7, then you're eligible to claim a free pair of Pixel Buds Pro, worth £179.

If you go for the Pixel 7 Pro, then you can bag the brand new Google Pixel Watch LTE, worth £379.

Once your shiny new device has arrived, and you've finished playing around with it (or marvelling at its beauty, if that's more your thing) then it's time to think about redeeming your freebie.

Regardless of which phone you buy, you can claim your freebie from 1st November 2022 until the 30th of November 2022, and all you have to do is provide Proof of Purchase and your device's IMEI number.

Just how good are the Google Pixel Buds Pro?

Oh, they're good all right.

Like every bit of tech Google releases, the Pixel Buds Pro pack everything you could need for a top-notch listening experience – whether you use them for tunes or chatting with your mates. Plus, you can pick from four gorgeous colours: Coral, Fog, Charcoal or Lemongrass.

Noise cancelling.

Every pair uses a custom processor, algorithms and speakers that have been specifically developed by Google to analyse external sound and cancel it using their clever Silent Seal feature. So, you won't be bothered by background noise, but you can also turn on Transparency mode if you need to hear what's going on around you.

Genius speakers.

Google's custom-designed 11mm speaker drivers are also their most powerful yet, with a full 5-band EQ that you can customise to sound exactly how you like, and smart Volume EQ that makes sure everything stays balanced no matter how quiet or loud you prefer your music.

Battery for life.

The Pixel Buds Pro offer up to 31 hours of listening time when you have your charging case – and if you don't, you can still get 11 hours, no sweat. They also charge wirelessly with both the Pixel Stand or Qi-compatible chargers, so forgetting your case isn't a problem.

Google on the go.

Just like with your phone, you can take advantage of Google Assistant to get the help you need when you're out and about. Whether you need walking directions, live translations, to reply to a text or go hands-free, Pixel Buds Pro have you covered.

Amazingly comfy.

One particularly cool feature of these earbuds is the genius way that Google have made sure they're comfortable to wear, no matter the shape or size of your ear. There's no blocked ear feeling thanks to smart sensors that measure the pressure inside your ear canal to keep you comfy (and secure) even over long periods of use.

There are also handy touch controls to make actions easier, and beamforming mics that make sure your voice sounds crystal clear even in windy or loud environments.

Okay, so tell me more about the all-new Google Pixel Watch LTE.

Well for a start, it's a thing of beauty. Breaking the mould (as Google loves to do), the smartwatch features a circular, domed design made with premium recycled stainless steel. And of course, you can customise the watch face or swap out the bands to wear it any way you want.

Wear OS.

To go alongside the shiny new smartwatch Google has created Wear OS for a totally new operating system experience. Everything about it is designed to work with the circular face design, including fluid motion and at a glance.

You'll be able to enjoy Google Maps as never before, with turn-by-turn directions and interactive views. The onboard 4G LTE means you can use Google Wallet to pay in stores and on public transport just by using your watch. And of course, Gmail, Calendar and Google Assistant are there to help keep you on track wherever you go.

Plus, streaming your music with YouTube Music is nice and convenient, too.


As one of the most well-known health and fitness brands, Fitbit on Google Pixel Watch has everything you could want or need to help you improve your overall wellness.

Featuring the most accurate heart rate tracking ever from Fitbit, you can also track and reach your goals across 40 different types of exercise, and even assess your heart rhythm with the ECG app to make sure you're fit as a fiddle.

We also kind of love the Sleep Score feature, which measures metrics such as heart rate and breathing rate in the Fitbit app to help you spot trends and build habits for better health.

Fall Detection and Emergency SOS.

Not a feature we want to make everyday use of, but definitely one that could make a huge difference in our lives, Fall Detection is coming soon to Google Pixel Watch. Alongside Emergency SOS, the watch can alert trusted contacts and even emergency services if you feel unsafe and get you the help you need if you've had a hard fall.

Seamless switching.

It wouldn't be Google if it didn't all work together in perfect harmony – so of course, you can set up, pair and switch between every bit of your Pixel or Android tech easily.

In fact, you can control entertainment from your watch or earbuds, find any of your Google devices quickly using Find My Device, and even manage your connected home while you're out and about (so there's no more leaving the lights on!)

How long can I get these awesome freebies for?

Both the Pixel Buds Pro and Google Pixel Watch LTE are available to anyone who nabs themselves a fancy new Pixel 7 or Pixel 7 Pro until the 17th of October 2022. So, act fast if you want to grab yourself some goodies!