We think it's fair to say that just about everyone loves a bargain – especially in the middle of a cost-of-living crisis. And from discounts to freebies, we're always scouting about for those little perks that make your day.

So, here's one you might not know about: Airtime Rewards on O2. It's a straightforward way to make your spending work for you, turning everyday purchases into credit you can use against your phone bill. And the best part is, every single O2 customer is eligible.

What is O2 Airtime Rewards, exactly?

Airtime Rewards is a way for O2 customers to manage their phone bills, and make their money go a little further. The clue is in the name since you'll get rewards when you shop at a range of retailers. Those rewards can then be converted into money off your O2 bill, so you pay less each month without spending any more money than you normally would!

There are over 150 brands and retailers included, which means there are plenty of places you can shop to earn rewards (in fact, there are 1.4 million O2 customers signed up to earn already) and there's no fussing about to get your money off either. But more on that later!

Okay, I'm intrigued… how much could I save?

Since so many retailers are involved, the average engaged O2 customer who spends as they normally do could save around £8.45 every month with Airtime Rewards. Over the course of a year, that's as much as £100 off your mobile phone bill – all from using an app.

Convinced? Here's how to get started with Airtime Rewards on O2.

First things first – are you an O2 customer? If you've gotten this far, we hope so!

Joining Airtime Rewards as an existing O2 customer is easy – and you can get started in the My O2 app, which you probably already use to keep track of your bill. If you don't, pop on over to your app store and download it – we'll wait.

Once you've got My O2 open and signed in, just tap Airtime Rewards. Yup, we told you it was simple. When you do this, you'll be prompted to add a preferred payment method – so pick the card you use most often to shop with, as this is the best way to make the most of your spending. However, you can add multiple cards if you prefer.

Done that? You're good to go. Just use your linked card next time you're buying at stores and brands like Boots, Greggs, Wilko, Argos, Waterstones, Halfords, New Look, Foot Locker, The Body Shop, YO! Sushi, Wagamama and more.

Lots of participating retailers allow you to collect rewards when shopping online, too – but if you want a full list of stores in your area, we'd recommend downloading the Airtime Rewards app and turning on your location for a more comprehensive list.

How do I claim my rewards?

Using the My O2 app or Airtime Rewards app, you can log in and see how much you've saved. You'll be able to see which rewards are pending, which are available to claim, and the total of everything you've earned so far – which is pretty gratifying, the more you earn.

When you're ready to convert your reward into credit on your O2 bill, just tap the button on your app and it will be added to your next bill. You'll be able to see your adjusted bill in your My O2 app.

What if I'm not on O2 and don't want to miss out?

You're in luck – we've got tons of brilliant mobile deals on O2, so you can switch from your current network or start fresh with them easily. Just take a look at our latest offers, and once you're set-up, you can get started with Airtime Rewards in no tie,