You’ll never run out again.

We always talk about how difficult it can be to choose the perfect mobile for you. Will it be Apple or Android? What sort of camera do you need? How much storage is right?

But one thing we don’t discuss as often is how to decide the perfect amount of data you need per month.

We offer a number of epic deals on the best selling mobiles, with a variety of data allowances and it can be a little daunting.

We decided a good way to help you make the decision about a data allowance was to research which popular mobile apps drain the most battery.

In assessing which of these apps you use the most, you’ll have more of an idea as to how much data is enough data.

The unavoidable social media apps.

Majority of us use social media apps every day, be that Facebook, X (Twitter), Instagram, Snapchat or TikTok.

Our research found a variety of surprising differences between the different social media platforms and how much data they use.

X seemed to become the new Facebook – rather than updating status’, many people favoured tweeting.

Both platforms boast a similar layout and types of content. You get a mixture of images, videos and text-only posts on a feed that you scroll through.

Despite this, Twitter actually uses 160MB more data per hour than Facebook does. We averaged that typical users spend roughly 145 minutes a day.

An infographic to show how much data popular social media and entertainment apps use.
Discovering how much data your favourite apps use is super handy.

Don’t worry, we did the math, so you don’t have to. This means the typical Twitter user would drain 870MB compared to Facebookers who would use 242MB in the same time.

TikTok is the latest craze. It started off as being a platform that the younger generation used, but over time more and more people made the choice to download it.

Now we all aimlessly scroll through videos of dogs and random recipes that we save, despite knowing we’ll never attempt them.

It came as no surprise that TikTok does in fact drain more than your productivity. It actually drains a whopping 840MB per hour.

Selfie lovers, however, will be thrilled to learn that Snapchat uses far less. You can snap photos of yourself, your favourite meal that week, your dog doing the same thing he does every day, all while only using 160MB per hour.

On the subject of selfies, pet photos and everything in between, we reach Instagram.

According to our research, people spend the same time on Instagram as they do on Twitter and Facebook – around 145 minutes a day. This equates to a whopping 1.74GB of data used.

If you’re someone who uses all of these apps daily, we’d recommend opting for a heavier data allowance like 100GB or even unlimited.

Keeping entertained.

Many of us prefer watching Netflix and Amazon Prime on our TVs. It makes sense to us to have the biggest screen possible.

However, sometimes watching on our mobile is our only option. When someone’s hogging the TV remote or we’re on our daily commute.

But how much data do these popular entertainment apps use? You ask. YouTube, Netflix and Amazon Prime all use 3GB per hour.

If you’re a sucker for a good BBC drama, you’re in luck. We found that BBC iPlayer uses only 225MB of data.

If your chosen commute entertainment is the likes of Queen or Fleetwood Mac or even Justin Bieber, fear not.

Spotify hardly uses any data per hour – only 40MB in fact. This means you can bop along to your favourite songs and not stress about running out of data.

Get the perfect data allowance for you.

These are the most popular apps that we use daily and knowing how much data they use per hour is a great way of deciding how much data you need.

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