We’ve answered the question, is it out with the old and in with the new?

Bigger isn’t always better and iPhone SE proves that. Apple’s flagship, pocket-rocket iPhone boasts the best of the big brand’s best features.

iPhone SE (2ndGeneration) packed the same chip as iPhone 11 Pro, which was pretty major at that time.

It’s renowned for being budget-friendly but still packing the performance you’d expect to see on the premium mobiles.

Apple announced the 2nd Generation’s successor during an event on 8thMarch. iPhone SE is their latest device and despite keeping many of the widely-loved features the same, there are some key differences.

We delved in deep to look at how iPhone SE compares with iPhone SE (2ndGeneration) – stick with us, we promise it’s good!

Design and display.

Apple seemed to have followed the concept why fix something, that isn’t broken? iPhone SE (2nd Generation) is loved for being compact, lightweight, and thin.

The new iPhone SE boasts a design that’s essentially identical to its predecessor – at first glance. While it’s the same size, shape and has Touch ID home button, it’s built to be more durable.

Packing the same glass as iPhone 13, this mobile can withstand those unavoidable, everyday tumbles. Throw in an IP67 rating for water resistance, and even coffee spills are no match.

The 2ndgen iPhone SE was available in black, white or (PRODUCT)RED. Don’t get us wrong, these colours are flawless but as Apple moves on, so do the colour choices.

The new iPhone comes in the hugely popular (PRODUCT)RED. It’s perfect for those of you who want something more daring and out there.

iPhone SE in all three available colours.
We're absolutely here for the new colours.

In other news, Apple have unveiled iPhone SE in two new colours. Keep things classic with Midnight – after all, black goes with everything.

The second colour, starlight, is the one to go for if you want to add a tinge of colour and sparkle to your life, without anything too in your face.

Both the new iPhone SE and iPhone SE (2nd Generation) boast an LCD display with True Tone technology, Haptic Touch and a standard 60Hz refresh rate.


Both generations of iPhone SE boast a 12MP rear camera and a 7MP selfie cam. With optical image stabilisation and the title of the best-single lens camera seen on iPhone, iPhone SE (2nd Generation) was thought to be the only tool you needed.

Now, the new model comes with a whole bunch of artsy features that really let you get the most out of your mobile.

Photographic styles, Portrait mode, Deep Fusion and Portrait mode are just naming a few. Prepare to watch your photos come to life.

A photo of a woman wearing a pink jumper taken on iPhone SE.
Portraits are the new norm.


We’re getting into the really cool stuff now. While iPhone SE (2nd Generation) has the same chip as iPhone 11 Pro, the new model takes things a step further.

Packing the A15 Bionic and Apple’s speedy 5G, users can now experience iPhone 13 performance with an iPhone SE price tag.

This switch up in chip means you get better battery performance, faster downloads, higher quality streaming and will finally be able to leave that lag and buffer in the past.

So, what will it be?

Is it really out with the old and in with the new? That choice is yours. If you’re looking for the latest budget-friendly Apple device, with the performance of iPhone 13, pre-order your iPhone SE today.

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