Premium shots on a budget.

Top class photography doesn’t have to break the bank. There are a number of budget-friendly mobiles that offer incredible camera systems and we’re adding the new Samsung Galaxy A52 5G to that list.

The Galaxy A series is renowned for delivering premium features that give you so much more for your money, so it’s safe to say we were expecting big things from the Galaxy Awesome Unpacked event.

Awesome is absolutely the right word to use. We’ve explored the new Galaxy A52 camera, and it checks the boxes all around.

A for lenses. A for resolution. A for depth. A for clarity. A for and the list goes on.

The starting price for this phone is £399 which we think is an absolute steal – considering what you’ll be getting.

We don’t just want you to take our word for it though guys, we thought we’d let you in on everything that the Galaxy A52 5G camera has to offer.

Sharp and steady wins the race.

Okay so we put a twist on that one, but this camera is anything but slow. It packs not one but four incredible lenses that deliver sharper shots in an instant.

Someone holding the Samsung Galaxy A52 5G.
This phone has a lens for every occasion!

We’ll kick things off with the main event. The whopping 64MP main lens boasts optical image stabilisation, or OIS for short.

This lets you wave goodbye to blurry photos and videos as it stabilises your shots to keep motion smooth and crisp – perfect for those of you with a bit of a shaky hand!

The main camera lens is ideal for those point and shoot moments when you’re out and about. Even the beginners will be able to get a grasp on this and will have everyone fooled with their professional looking photos.

If you’re someone who wants more of a scene in their photos, you’ll want to switch up to the 12MP wide or ultra-wide lens. The wide is ideal for those stunning shots out on a walk while the ultra-wide takes it further.

There’s nothing quite like being out and about and taking in a whole scene with your eyes. Then you pull your camera out, try to take a snap, and end up saying that famous phrase. It looked better in person.

With the Ultra-wide lens, this will never be the case. The 123-degree field of view lets you capture almost as much as you would with your own eyes – adding more perspective than ever to your snaps.

A photo taken on the Galaxy A52 of a girl sat on a tree branch.
Get more in each of your shots with the ultra-wide lens.

Sometimes it’s all about quality rather than quantity. You might now want more in your shots, you might just want more of one thing – the details. For those moments, the 5MP Macro cam is perfect.

It really brings out the ultra-fine details while applying a natural bokeh effect to your photos. You’ll be able to see every freckle on your friend’s face and equally every wrinkle on your granny’s – but maybe don’t tell them that.

If photography is all about focus for you, the 5MP depth camera may be more up your street. With a click of a button, you can fine-tune the background blur and get high-quality portrait shots that look as though they were created in a studio.

A close-up shot of a flower taken on the Samsung Galaxy A52.
See details like never before with the 5MP depth camera. 

For some of us, there’s one clear star of the show when it comes to photography – ourselves! We’re all about self-love people, it’s a beautiful thing and the Galaxy A52 backs this beyond belief.

When you think about the fact that this phone is under £500, the 32MP front camera is shocking. Not shocking in a bad way, shocking in a jaw dropping way. This is huge for a budget mobile and will soon spruce up your social media pages in no time.

Snap, camera, action.

This camera almost has us lost for words, and that’s rare. It boasts the same features that the top Samsung mobiles have but for a price that’s so budget friendly.

The new release is ready and waiting to be snapped up and if you’re after class A photography but for a price that won’t make your heart sink, this is the way to go.