I've got a lot to say about the latest from Pixel, care to listen?

I, like many others, eagerly awaited the Pixel 6 launch - for what seemed like forever too.

After discontinuing their Pixel 5, the Pixel 6 had a lot to live up to and I think it certainly met expectations.

We all get so wrapped up in Apple and Samsung that it's nice to take a step back and take a look at something different from an incredible brand.

The event saw the launch of both the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro as well as the announcement of Google's new Tensor Chip.

With Black Friday on the horizon, the 26th November this year, I thought it was the perfect time to review the Pixel 6.

Design and display.

I'll dive straight in with the design of the Pixel which we can only describe as an absolute dream.

The frame is lightweight and smooth which is all you can ask for from a mobile really. I myself, prefer a lighter phone and hate anything bulky that feels like I've got rocks in my pocket.

The Pixel 6 weighs 207g, which is about the same as a cup of sugar. Nothing at all! I like that it would fit perfectly in the pocket of my skinniest jeans which to me is an absolute win - I hate carrying a bag around all day.

I'm someone who spends a lot of time on my phone, probably too much. The Pixel 6 frame makes for a super-comfortable hold - great news for me as I've always got my pinky finger situated at the bottom of my phone.

And I bet you're looking at your own pinky finger now and thinking the same.

When it comes to colours, I do like to keep things simple and classic. The Stormy Black is right up my street although I'd be lying if I said the Sorta Seafoam didn't catch my eye.

I would describe it as the perfect option for those who want to branch out a little but don't fancy anything too daring.

Like many others I'm sure, I use my mobile for all sorts. I'll probably regret admitting it, but I tend to watch one video on TikTok and before I know it, 2 hours have passed.

As well as having a nosey on my social media apps, I do enjoy the luxury of being able to stream shows and films on my mobile.

Whether that's catching up on Bake Off while on the treadmill or streaming Friends while everyone else watches football on the telly.

The 6.4-inch Smooth Display is perfect for me. Again, not so big that my little hands wouldn't be able to make their way around it, but it provides enough screen to get a good view.

The Pixel 6 on a coloured background.
The Pixel 6 display is perfect. 

It's worth noting that those of you used to the likes of a Pro Max version of iPhone or the Ultra versions of Samsung, may find that this display size may not live up to your expectations. In which case I'd recommend trying out the Pixel 6 Pro.


I'm shocking for whipping my phone out to capture photos of pretty much everything.

I'm often getting told off for not living in in the moment - but I just like to capture them to look back on!

The point is, this camera delivers everything I could want and need. The 50MP lens makes those point and shoot moments a whole lot easier. It's ideal for those times when you need to snap a picture, quick.

I'm in a friend group with lots of girls, so group photos have become the absolute norm. It's often a pain trying to move around to get everyone in the shot, so the 12MP ultra-wide lens is right up my street.

A photo of three people taken on the Pixel 6.
The Pixel 6 makes group shots easy. 

A larger field of view means you can get more people in the frame - leaving cropping in the past. And arguments about it too.

Who doesn't love a selfie? I do tend to take more with my dog than solo, but the 8MP front camera delivers snaps that I'd be happy to post on my socials.


The all-new Tensor Chip was huge news for Google, and as someone who is fairly iPhone loyal, I was on the fence about it.

What I do love is that this chip was designed primarily for Pixel users - which makes it sound so personal.

With so many cancelled holidays this year, I imagine 2022 will be huge for holidays.

The intelligent machine learning improves the way you translate messages and videos - which, to me, is ideal for when you're out for dinner abroad or trying to find your way to the waterpark.

Spanish at school was never my forte, so to have a phone that easily recognises and translates other languages for you is a dream.

I need a phone with 5G so the Pixel 6 has definitely caught my eye. I spend far too much time on Netflix, browsing my socials and downloading random apps that I'll probably use once.

I rely on doing this fast and as I'm often out and about, Wi-Fi isn't always an option. This is what makes the Pixel 6 so great - you can download faster, stream better and if you're into it, enjoy gaming with less lag and buffer.

With all this fun going on, a big battery is crucial. There's simply nothing more frustrating than your mobile dying on you - and I'm sure many of you will agree.

The 4613mAh battery will keep you going all day. But what I find the most reassuring is that if I've drained my battery, often the case on a Sunday, the fast charging gets you boosted back up.

You can get to 50% in just 30 minutes, which is about the time it takes me to shower and dry my hair. An absolute win.

Thanks Google.

As I've said previously, I do tend to stick with iPhone. It's all I've known since my Blackberry way back when.

However, the Google Pixel 6 may just be enough to tempt me - and many of my colleagues have said the same.

From the dazzling display and dreamy design to a camera that performs every single time, it truly does pack everything you need.

I'd recommend you try out the Pixel 6 for yourself and today is the perfect day to do it. We've got epic deals on the latest from Google and we're even throwing in free next-day delivery.