We’ve come a long way since the Nokia Brick.

We hear the word durable thrown around a lot in the mobile industry, but what does this really mean?

For many, the mention of a durable phone has us feeling all nostalgic. We start imagining the unforgettable Nokia Brick – or the Nokia 3310 as some of you will remember it.

Many saw and still see this mobile as being indestructible but the truth is that we’ve come an awful long way since the release of this phone.

The big brands have worked tirelessly to develop new materials and designs that make their mobiles more durable than ever.

We thought you might want to hear a little about what the mobile phone companies mean when they call your phone durable.

Apple and their Ceramic Shield.

When we were introduced to the iPhone 12 series, we came face-to-face with their new material.

Ceramic Shield was plastered all over Apple’s advertisements and we were told it dramatically increased the durability of iPhone 12.

But what is Ceramic Shield and why is it so good? To make this new material, Apple infused nano-ceramic crystals into glass.

Someone holding an iPhone 12 mini and an iPhone 12.
The iPhone 12 series boasted the all new Ceramic Shield. 

These crystals are harder than most metals, making them pretty tough. In controlling the type of crystals amongst other factors, Apple developed a formula more secret than KFC’s famous spices.

It was this breakthrough that gave Ceramic Shield its tough name and allowed it to claim the well deserved title of the toughest glass in any smartphone.

Ceramic Shield is the answer to every clumsy person’s nightmares. You’d expect a glass phone to shatter if you dropped it, but this new material gives the iPhone 12 series a 4x better drop performance too.

Gorilla Glass groupies.

We’re HUGE fans of this next durable feature and you should be too. Whether you’re rocking the latest from Apple, Samsung, Sony or something weird and wonderful, you’re bound to be holding Gorilla Glass in your hand.

Gorilla Glass is a brand of toughened glass that’s developed by the company Corning Inc. – hence the name, Corning Gorilla Glass.

The use of Gorilla Glass in mobiles dates way back to 2005 with the introduction of Gorilla Glass 1 – a creative name.

Since then, Corning Inc. have developed their glass to improve how durable it is. After carrying out a survey in around 2014, the company discovered that a lot of screen damage was as a result of people dropping their phones.

They went back to the drawing board and Gorilla Glass 4 was created. This process continued until we reached Gorilla Glass 6 in 2018.

This is the most commonly used Gorilla Glass in smartphones and is seen in the likes of the Sony Xperia 1 II, Galaxy Z Flip, S20 series, OPPO Find X2 and more.

It claims to withstand 15 consecutive drops onto hard surfaces, from a height of 1 metre. We wouldn’t recommend that you drop your mobile on the floor 15 times, that would be silly, but Gorilla Glass 6 was rated twice as strong as Gorilla Glass 5.

So, where are we now? In July last year, Corning Inc. announced the launch of Gorilla Glass Victus.

This takes it up a notch, offering a drop protection from a height of 2 metres and is 2x more scratch-resistant than its predecessor.

The new Galaxy Z Fold3 is just one of many mobiles that feature Gorilla Glass Victus in their design. It joins the S21 series, the Nokia XR 20, Sony’s latest Xperia 1 III and more.

A suit of Armor.

Samsung couldn’t sit back and let Apple enjoy all the Ceramic Shield glory. That’s why their two newest additions to the Z family boast an all-new material that give them that extra durability.

The Galaxy Z Fold3 and Z Flip3 both feature their new Armor Aluminium frame – the strongest aluminium ever used on a Galaxy mobile.

Someone holding the Galaxy Z Fold3 up to the camera.
Try out the new Armor Aluminium for yourself.

Throw in the Gorilla Glass Victus we’ve been bigging up and you’ve got the recipe for a couple of tough mobiles.

The tougher the better.

Accidents happen and we can’t always prevent them. Whether that’s us dropping our mobiles on the floor or our keys scratching their display, sometimes it can’t be helped.

Luckily for us, mobile phone companies go out of their way to ensure we have the best of the best when it comes to designs and durability.

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