Samsung are set to host yet another out-of-this-world event. Are you ready?

Samsung are planning to put a spring in your step this spring with their awesome upcoming event. No literally, they’re calling it the Galaxy Awesome Unpacked event and we’re totally here for it.

We’re sure that the anticipation will be growing and many of you will be wondering how on earth Samsung will top their Galaxy Unpacked 2021 event that they hosted in January.

We were graced with three new incredible phones that quickly all made their way into our top 10 mobiles: the Galaxy S21, S21 Plus and S21 Ultra.

Well, we’re pleased to say that they’ve not used the word ‘Awesome’ lightly. If we’re to believe everything we read on the internet (so not like us), then it’s looking pretty good.

Samsung will host their event on the 17th of March at 2pm and you can be one of the first to get in on all the action via the live stream below. When it's live of course.

We’ve brought you every rumour and gathered all the information that’s out there, so you know just what to expect from the event.

You get an A.

There’s always a lot of commotion around the Galaxy S series and while we love these phones, sometimes the A series gets overlooked.

Well not anymore! According to Pocket Lint, this event will cast the more budget-friendly Galaxy A series into the limelight.

We’re not sure if our high school English lessons are coming into play a little here, but the A in Awesome may be an ever so slight hint.

It’s rumoured that we should expect to see the Galaxy A52 and A72 and if the A51 and A71 are anything to go on, we can’t wait.

Someone holding the Samsung Galaxy A51.
The Galaxy A51. We can't wait to see what the Galaxy A52 brings!

These phones are perfect for those who want a taste of what Samsung has to offer, but are on more of a budget and hopefully we’ll see this with the new launches.

Pocket Lint think that Samsung have got everyone in mind with their upcoming event and are eager to see two versions of each new device: a 4G version and a 5G version.

The key difference being that the 4G variants will offer a 90Hz refresh rate whilst the 5G options will pack a 120Hz refresh rate.

You might be trying to decide which of the new rumoured Samsung phones would be best for you. If you’re a sucker for a huge screen but want to fit it in your pocket still, the A52 is your best shout.

According to Pocket Lint, it’s expected to pack a 6.5-inch Super AMOLED Infinity-O display.

If you’re a bit of a movie buff or an avid gamer, you’ll want a bigger display. Rumour has it, the Galaxy A72 will boast a 6.7-inch Super AMOLED Infinity-O display.

Kick back with a nice cup of tea and catch up on the latest TV on a screen that’ll little transport you into the centre of the action. When it comes to choosing which one has the performance for you, it really comes down to the decision between 4G and 5G.

The Samsung Galaxy A71 on a table.
The Galaxy A72 has a lot to live up to when we take a look at the Galaxy A71.

If you use your phone for the basics like texting, calling and simple point and shoot snaps, the 4G version of either phones is perfect for you. Both 4G variants are expected to pack the impressive Snapdragon 720G processor, 6GB RAM and a huge 4500mAh battery.

If this is bang on the money, you’ll be getting all the power you could ever need for a price you’ll adore.

For those of you who love nothing more than streaming and gaming, you’ll need a phone that can keep up with you.

For this reason, we think opting for one of the 5G versions is your best bet. If Pocket Lint really do know their stuff, you’d be onto a winner.

The 5G variants are predicted to boast the powerful Snapdragon 750G processor, a whopping 8GB RAM and a huge 5000mAh battery – literally every entertainment lover’s dream.

When it comes to cameras, we don’t have a lot of dirt to dish we’re afraid. It seems that both phones are set to feature a quad-camera and it’s rumoured that they’ll pack 32MP front cameras – so at least the selfie lovers will be impressed!

Save the date.

Of course, none of this has been confirmed by Samsung themselves and is purely based on rumours and speculation.

That certainly hasn’t stopped us getting excited though and we’re not sure about you, but we’re saving the date – 17th of March people!