Could your iPhone XR colour reveal more than you know? Spoiler alert: yes, it could.

Taken a shine to the vibrant iPhone XR? If you are, you’ve probably already given some thought to what colour you'd like, and maybe even why you'd like that colour.

But, for the briefest of moments, have you considered what your choice says about your personality? We’ve dug deep into the world of colour psychology to give you the down-low.

iPhone XR in White

iPhone XR in white
Personality Type: The Perfectionist

You like things to be neat, tidy, and always organised. In your ideal world, everything is aligned and presented perfectly. You’re always on time. You know what you have scheduled in your diary for weeks in advance. In your friendship group, the chances are that you’re the reliable one.

The iPhone XR in white is as perfect for you as it is crisp, clean and beautiful.

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iPhone XR in Black

iPhone XR in Black
Personality Type: The Elegant One

Black is the colour of elegance and power. These are two traits that you own, in a serious way.

You’re the most likely to win best dressed at every event and you know how to put a killer outfit together on the fly. But that’s not all. You’re also a force to be reckoned with. When you want something, you know how to get it… and nothing stops you.

iPhone XR in Blue

iPhone XR in Blue
Personality Type: The Smart One

Smart, stable, and sometimes a little sassy – that’s how most people would describe you. You’ve got it all.

You’re the type of person who always has the answer, however difficult the question may be. Still, you like to think outside the box, which is why steer clear of the standard black and white tones in favour of something a tad cooler. Hello, blue iPhone XR!

iPhone XR in Yellow

iPhone XR in Yellow
Personality Type: The Quirky One

You love to follow your own path. You’re less of a trend-follower, than you are a trend-setter.

Your friends know you as the person who always brings energy and happiness to the party. You’re a bright and cheerful person who always knows their own mind. And, in your mind, you know that you want a yellow iPhone XR.

iPhone XR in Coral

iPhone XR in Coral
Personality Type: The Fashionista

You’re ahead of the game when it comes to style.

You’re hot when it comes to the latest trends and you know how to look your best no matter what the occasion. The moment that you saw the coral iPhone XR, your heart skipped a beat. You knew that it was the right phone for you and couldn’t wait to get your hands on it.


iPhone XR Product RED
Personality Type: The Leader

You don’t want to be in anybody’s gang… You are the leader of the gang.

The colour red shows your power and leadership skills. They are at your core.

Oh, and let’s not forget that you’ve probably got a huge heart too. After all, these devices support the brand which is helping eliminate HIV and AIDS around the globe. Go you!