Does what’s on the outside really matter? Spoiler alert, yes.

We’re no stranger to discussing phone colours, and if new additions are teaching us anything, it’s that this decision is huge.

Samsung have just unveiled their answer to Apple’s budget iPhone SE, and we’re pleased to introduce you to the Galaxy A53.

You’re going to be paired with your new Galaxy A53 for at least two years so you’re going to have to be happy staring at it every day.

Samsung have certainly treat us with this new addition and delivered four awesome colours. Will you go for Awesome Black, Awesome White, Awesome Blue or Awesome Peach? Here’s a little help in deciding.

What’s so awesome about black?

Black goes with everything, and that’s just one of the many things that makes it so awesome. The Galaxy A53 in Awesome Black is the option for those who want to keep things classic.

We’re using the word classic, because while some people love to branch out with different colours, sometimes less really is more.

The Samsung Galaxy A53 in Awesome Black and Awesome White.
Keep things classic with Awesome Black or Awesome White.

What’s so awesome about white?

Where do we start with Awesome White? White is an absolute winner. It’s clean, fresh and looks flawless.

We don’t know about you, but we associate white with being angelic, and the Galaxy A53 is certainly that, so why not get the colour to match?

What’s so awesome about peach?

Awesome Peach is the perfect dash of colour. It’s light enough to not be too in your face, but bright enough to catch your eye.

When you catch it in the light, you’ll be met with an elegant shimmer. It’s somewhere in between pink and orange and we’re absolutely here for it.

Samsung Galaxy A53 in Awesome Peach and Awesome Blue.
Awesome Peach and Awesome Blue are the perfect splashes of colour.

What’s so awesome about blue?

Blue speaks for itself, and Samsung’s Awesome Blue says even more. It’s the perfect option for those who want something cool, calm and collected.

There’s something so soothing about this colour. So, if your life is a little hectic and you want to look at something that’ll mellow you out, Awesome Blue is the one to choose.

Which will it be?

One thing that’s certain with the Samsung Galaxy A53 is that no matter what choice you make, you’ll get a colour that you’ll love.

You can bag yours today in Awesome Black, Awesome White, Awesome Blue or Awesome Peach. We’ll even throw in free delivery, just for you.