It’s not all about looks but colour choice is pretty important.

When it comes to the Galaxy S22, the inside is pretty spectacular. By inside we mean its epic performance, advanced camera and flawless display tech.

But we’d be foolish to say that the outside isn’t important. We all want a mobile that looks good too.

Samsung Galaxy S22 boasts the strongest glass used in any Galaxy mobile – Gorilla Glass Victus+. This means you can enjoy that extra peace of mind against everyday slip ups.

Throw in an IP68 rating for water resistance and you’ve got the perfect mobile for those of you on the clumsier side.

You’re likely to be paired with your Galaxy S22 for at least two years, so this choice is huge. You can pre-order yours today in Phantom Black, Phantom White, Green or Pink Gold.

But they’re all stunning, so how do I choose? You ask. And we’re glad you did. We’ve devised a handy guide to help you choose the perfect Samsung Galaxy S22 colour for you.

Back in black.

There’s a reason Samsung have stuck with Phantom Black: it’s a classic. We all love black; it goes with pretty much everything.

If you’re a fan of keeping things plain Jane, we don’t judge. Phantom Black is a solid, bold choice for your Galaxy S22.

Plus, if you’re worried about picking a more out-there colour, black is certainly safe. Not boring – safe!

Pre-order your Galaxy S22 in Phantom Black today >

Angelic white.

Samsung just know what works. They’ve also kept their flawless Phantom White as a colour option for the new Galaxy S22.

This is perfect for those who want a touch of colour but nothing too drastic. It’s bright enough to shine through a lovely clear phone case.

It’s a stunning option for light-coloured lovers and if we do say so ourselves, it pairs beautifully with the grey camera housing.

Pre-order your Galaxy S22 in Phantom White today >

Gorgeous green.

The colour green is like marmite – people either love it or hate it. But this green isn’t like a neon green, or worse, a snotty green.

You can get your Galaxy S22 in a darker, more matte green. It’s a unique colour and is the one to go for if you want something a little different.

It glistens in the light, suits every season and again will look effortlessly stunning when you throw a clear case on your mobile.

Pre-order your Galaxy S22 in Green today >

Pink is the new black.

Pink is the new black and it has been for a while. Pink Gold is a new colour for Samsung and it’s one we’re absolutely here for.

It’s paler than the Phantom Pink we saw on the Galaxy S21, and we think that this seriously works in the Galaxy S22’s favour.

The glass front and back works so well with this colour, complimenting that gorgeous shimmer we love so much.

Pre-order your Galaxy S22 in Pink Gold today >

The Samsung Galaxy S22 in all four available colours.
It's decision time...

Which will it be?

The great thing about the Galaxy S22 is that all four colours are perfect. If you’re looking to keep things classic, opt for Phantom Black. Want something fresh? Go for Phantom White.

For those of you looking to add a subtle dash of colour, green is the one for you. And for a touch of sparkle, go for Pink Gold.

You can browse our full selection of Galaxy S22 deals and pre-order yours today, ready for launch on 11th March.