We put the iPhone 13 colours to the test.

Our Black Friday sale is here and it's better than ever. We've got deals on the best of the best, including the all-new, all-incredible iPhone 13.

This is the latest release from Apple and it boasts a number of features that have our customers hooked.

With three new iPhone 13 colours to choose from, on top of the classics, choosing the right one for you this Black Friday, isn't an easy task.

The colour of your iPhone is a big choice to make – much bigger than people may think.

Take the length of an average mobile contract. It’s at least 2 years. That’s 2 whole years you’ll have to spend living with and looking at the choice you made. It’s not like dying your hair or choosing what to have for dinner that night.

We thought you might like a helping hand in deciding which colour is perfect for you.

Colours that ooze magic.

Both iPhone 13 and 13 mini boast a number of new design elements so Apple thought it fit to introduce new colours to compliment these.

Both iPhones come in blue, (PRODUCT)RED and three new colours: midnight, starlight, and pink.

But which colour do our customers love the most? You ask. Here's the official order.

The iPhone 13 in order of colour popularity.
This is the official order as voted by our customers.

1) Midnight

Coming it at number one on the list, is Midnight. Midnight has a gorgeous ring to it – something more special than just plain black.

We can see why Apple have named it midnight, not just as a fancy alternative to black but because it reflects the midnight sky.

iPhone 13 in midnight.
Midnight keeps things classic.

Light bounces off it, just like the moonlight would bounce off a lake at midnight. This colour is a way of keeping things simple, but elegant.

In the past, black has proven the most popular colour amongst iPhones and for good reason too.

It goes with everything and is the perfect choice for keeping things simple – less is more after all.

2) Pink

Haven’t you heard? Pink is the new black. Or so people are saying. Apple have introduced an all-new pink colour and it’s truly stunning. No wonder it's the second popular among our customers.

It’s not a hot pink that overpowers the design, but rather a classy, paler pink that adds just the right amount of colour to your every day.

iPhone 13 in pink.
Pink adds the perfect pop of colour.

3) Blue

Feeling blue? Apple have you covered. iPhone 13 and 13 mini in blue add a sense of chill to your life.

Blue is a cool colour that we associate with all things relaxing. The ocean. A summer’s day. A soothing rain storm.

iPhone 13 in blue.
Keep things cool with blue.

It compliments the sleek design perfectly and adds just the right amount of colour.

It glistens when the light catches it and catches the eye of any passer-by. If you’re looking for that touch of something different, but don’t want anything that’s too much.

4) Starlight

Coming in at number four on the list is Starlight. This sounds like something taken straight from Lord of the Rings or some other fantasy series. A name that oozes magic which is massively reflected in the design.

iPhone 13 in starlight.
Starlight twinkles in the light.

The starlight finish glistens as the light hits it, almost sending you into a trance. It’s the one to go for if you’re looking to add a touch of sparkle to your life.


Last but certainly not least is (PRODUCT)RED. This is for the ones who are after something a little more daring. iPhone 13 and 13 mini in (PRODUCT)RED is a bold choice.

It’s a real statement which suits iPhone 13 and 13 mini well. Everyone knows that red means business. A red lip, red dress, red car and it’s the same in the mobile world.

Choose your iPhone 13 or 13 mini in (PRODUCT)RED if you want a colour as bright and beautiful as everything these new models are capable of.

iPhone 13 in (PRODUCT)RED.
Will you be daring and opt for PRODUCT(RED).

Which colour tickles your fancy?

So, that's the order but the choice is yours. Choosing your iPhone 13 colour is not a decision to take lightly.

We hope this guide will make things a little easier and in the meantime, you can browse through our best Black Friday iPhone 13 and 13 mini deals. We’ll even throw in free delivery for you.