In this case, looks are important.

Of course, we agree with the old saying that you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. However, in some cases, looks are important and this is one of those cases.

Choosing a mobile phone colour is a huge commitment one that lasts for at least 24 months. You have to stare at your choice for two whole years, no swapsies or mind changing!

That’s why we think it’s vital that you take your time to decide which colour Samsung Galaxy S21 FE you should buy.

This is the latest addition to the Samsung gang, and it certainly didn’t disappoint. To compliment its epic camera, flawless performance and sleek design, Samsung unveiled four gorgeous colours: lavender, white, olive and graphite.

Gorgeous graphite

Someone holding the Samsung Galaxy S21 FE in graphite displaying the back of the phone.
Gorgeous graphite.

We’ll kick things off with gorgeous graphite. Samsung don’t refer to this colour as gorgeous, but we think it’s exactly that.

Graphite is the colour option for those who like to keep things classic. Notice our use of the word classic rather than boring – sometimes less is simply more.

Graphite is like a very dark grey, almost black. It’s the choice to go for if you want something that goes with everything.

Lovely lavender

Someone holding the Samsung Galaxy S21 FE in lavender displaying the back of the phone.
Lovely lavender.

Lavender has proven hugely popular in the past with the S20 FE’s cloud lavender being a front runner for the past year.

It’s the perfect splash of colour – not too much, not too little. If you opt for the Samsung Galaxy S21 FE in lavender, we guarantee you’ll feel that little bit more cheery.

The only way to describe lavender is a breath of fresh air. It brings an element of summer and spring combined and we’re absolutely here for it.

Stunning olive

Someone holding the Samsung Galaxy S21 FE in olive displaying the back of the phone.
Stunning olive.

We’re just as upset as you that our colour alliteration has stopped here, but we simply cannot find a positive adjective beginning with O. If you think of one, do let us know on our socials – everyday is a learning day!

We’ve gone with stunning, and it suits to say the least. Olive is a muted, earthy-tone colour that makes us feel somewhat peaceful.

Olive has been seen to cast controversial opinions on the internet, but we’re loving it. It’s the perfect choice for those who want something a little different, but don’t want to branch out too much.

Winning white

Someone holding the Samsung Galaxy S21 FE in white displaying the back of the phone.
Winning white.

The alliteration is back people – and it’s accurate. White is an absolute winner. It gives off a sparkly vibe that literally glistens.

It’s clean, it’s fresh and it looks flawless with a transparent case. The S21 FE looks as though it was crafted by angels, so why not opt for a colour to match this?

Which will it be?

If anyone tries to tell you that the colour of your mobile isn’t a big deal, don’t listen to them. Like we said, it’s a huge commitment and it’s you that has to look at it every day.

All four of the possible Galaxy S21 FE colours are flawless, meaning you’ll be winning no matter which choice you make.

Made your choice? Perfect. Get yours today in graphite, lavender, olive or white. We’ll even throw in free delivery.