Samsung or Apple, who’s emoji are better?

Emoji are as much a part of our messaging language as the characters we use.

While many of us resisted them for some time, the truth of the matter is that they are seriously useful when conveying how we feel or just spicing up your text game.

With that in mind, there’s just one question we need answering: Why do Samsung’s and Apple’s emoji look so very different? And who’s, would you say, are better?

Anguished Face

Anguished Faceb
Left: Apple | Right: Samsung

Perhaps the emoji that expresses Apple and Samsung’s differences best, is the so-called ‘anguished face.’

On the Samsung platform, it looks extremely sad, and even has a little dejected sigh bubble. However, when you look at the emoji on an Apple device, it appears far more shocked at the supposed anguish it’s facing.

Put side to side, the two couldn’t look more different, which is a problem. Since emoji are meant to signify emotions, the fact that they are different from platform to platform means that messages could be misunderstood.

Facing With Rolling Eyes

Rolling eye emoji
Left: Apple | Right: Samsung

Moving on, the eye-roll is personally my favourite emoji. I’m an iPhone user (sorry not sorry), and this little one seems to convey my disdain for day-to-day irritations perfectly.

Yet, looking at the same emoji on a Samsung device, it’s quite a different experience.

The face looks almost gleeful, or perhaps even drunk or suggestive. What the actual is going on here? While the two faces are both rolling their eyes, they definitely send out entirely different messages.

Alien Monster

Alien monster emoji
Left: Apple | Right: Samsung

Another emoji that looks worlds (or maybe universes) apart from brand to brand is the supposed alien monster.

The Samsung one is a huge yellow face, with a hideously pronounced brain. Just like something from Mars Attacks. Whereas the Apple alien is a little purple pixelated being, straight from your 80s arcade game. Space Invaders, anyone?

Sure, both conceivably look how we might imagine other worldly critters, but they are very different interpretations of the idea. To say the least.

Cookie (a.k.a. biscuit) emoji
Left: Apple | Right: Samsung

While we all know what a cookie (a.k.a. biscuit) looks like, it seems that Samsung and Apple have strikingly different ideas about this. No surprise there…

The former from Samsung looks more like a cracker you’d enjoy with a nice slice of cheddar, rather than something you’d enjoy with your cuppa. The latter is much more what you may expect from a cookie. In that it’s actually a cookie.

So, What’s the Deal?

So, why on earth do these emoji look so very different? Well, sadly, there’s no simple answer to that question.

Emoji are set by Unicode, but developers can add their own twists and changes when they create them. That means that emoji will change depending on which platform you happen to be using.

In most cases, the emojis look relatively similar, but in some, there are gulfs between them. Ugh.