A bigger screen and a bigger battery; it’s called Plus for a reason.

The Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus is one of the three new incredible additions to the Samsung family. It joined the smaller, but ever so impressive, Galaxy S21 and the huge Galaxy S21 Ultra.

We’ve noticed a bit of a trend when it comes to mobile phone releases and discovered that the middleman tends to be the least popular. It may not be intentional, but people are seemingly drawn to the lowest cost or biggest device.

The other one has been left feeling like the black sheep of the family, or the little piggy in the middle never catching the ball. We want to explain all the reasons why Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus shouldn’t be swept under the carpet so quickly this time.

Easy on the eye.

There’s an old saying, looks aren’t everything. But if they were, the Galaxy S21 Plus would so be it. It totally masters the art of being beautiful and durable, which is what we pretty much look for in a phone.

Packing tough Gorilla Glass Victus, this phone can withstand whatever your day throws at it. It’s so easy to shove your phone in your pocket next to your keys without realising, but this material means you can do so without the usual repercussions.

There is one issue, though. One problem that might have you seriously racking your brain all day long. It’s available in three stunning colours: Phantom Pink, Phantom Black, and Phantom Silver. However will you choose?

The Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus in all three colours.
Which colour will it be?

Always fancied yourself as a bit of an actor? This phone will have you feeling just like one. It packs a 6.7-inch Infinity-O, Full HD+ display that’ll place you right into the centre of the action of your favourite shows and movies.

It’s not quite as big as the Galaxy S21 Ultra’s display, but it’s a great option if you want to see more and don’t fancy lugging a huge phone around in your pocket. It’s not only a bigger view you get with this phone, but also the brightest view.

The Galaxy S21 Plus even beats the biggest and best of the iPhone 12 series. The 12 Pro Max reaches 1200 nits peak brightness while the S21 Plus hits a huge 1300. We hope you’ve got your sunnies because this display will have you feeling like you’re sat on a beach – despite the current travel ban…

Someone holding the Galaxy S21 Plus in their hand.
The Galaxy S21 Plus display certainly doesn't disappoint. 

It’s not only good for streamers or people who love a nosey on socials, the gamers will get their fair share of joy from it too – the 120Hz refresh rate will make sure of that. Kiss goodbye to that annoying lag and buffering and say hello to seamless and fluid gaming!

Your opponents won’t know what has hit them and now there’s no excuse if you lose. Can’t go blaming your phone or your rubbish connection anymore – it’s all you! You better get practicing…

The Galaxy S21 Plus makes everything easy for you. Boasting a cool in-display fingerprint sensor, you can unlock your phone, make payments, and authorise downloads faster than ever. We wonder what Apple have to say about that!

Faster than fast.

It’s not only the display where this Plus comes into play; it’s performance too. You see, this phone packs a duo more iconic than Paul and Barry Chuckle themselves. More compatible than Sonny and Cher. Quicker than Batman and Robin.

We’re not exaggerating, we promise. The Exynos 2100 Processor and Samsung’s speedy 5G make the Galaxy S21 Plus perfect for those of you who want first-class performance. You can enjoy faster downloads, better streaming, and more responsive gaming.

Check out just how good the Exynos 2100 processor is.

Of course, it doesn’t come as a surprise that this phone is up to date with the latest software too. Android 11 packs so many incredible features, but our favourite must be Android Auto.

You can hook up your Galaxy S21 Plus to your car and enjoy hands-free music and Google Maps. Those long, previously dull, car journeys will be changed forever, we guarantee it.

This phone surpasses the Galaxy S21 when it comes to power too, which we’re super grateful for. What’s the use of all these great features, if you haven’t got the juice you need to enjoy them?

Luckily for you, the Galaxy S21 Plus packs a huge 4800mAh battery that’ll have you geared up for the entire day. With there being nothing else to do during lockdown, your screen time may have shot through the roof.

Between streaming and scrolling you might be using more of your battery than normal. The good news is that this phone supports fast charging meaning if you do start to run low, you can get the power you need and fast.

Lights, camera, action.

There may not be a lot to take photos of right now, and like most of the population, you might simply just be piling up a huge collection of dog snaps in the album on your phone.

The point is, if this pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that making memories is crucial.

When we get out of lockdown, you’re going to want a mobile with a camera that you can count on. So, how about a phone with three?

The Galaxy S21 Plus in Phantom Silver.
The Galaxy S21 Plus has a lens for every occasion.

The Galaxy S21 Plus packs three incredible lenses that’ll transform you into a pro photographer in no time. The 12MP wide lens lets you get more of the scene in each shot but the 12MP ultra-wide lens is where things get interesting.

It has a 120-degree field of view, which in simpler terms means you can see almost as much as the human eye. We’ll all be rushing for big family meals out and catch-ups with our friends when this is all over, and this lens will make sure you capture every moment of the fun.

If you’re a sucker for the details, you can switch it up to the 64MP telephoto lens and get closer than ever with your photo subjects. You’ll discover details you never even knew existed and it’ll have you questioning everything.

Has my wife always had that mole? Has a flower petal always looked like that? Has grandma always had more of a moustache than grandad?

Selfie lovers are sorted too and can take full advantage of the class 10MP front camera. You’ll be raking in the likes on your socials in no time and it might even kick off your influencer career.

If videography is where your interest peaks and you fancy yourself as the next Tarantino, you’ll love the 8K video filming. Director’s view brings you one step closer to your dreams and allows the rear and front camera to video simultaneously.

Someone holding the Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus and displaying Directors View.
Directors View will completely change how you film.

This gives a picture-in-picture video that’ll get your live reaction alongside your main video. You’ll finally be able to star in your own movies as you take vlogging to the next level. The only thing we’re waiting for is a nice holiday to get a cool background drop.

The ugly duckling became a swan.

We told you that the Galaxy S21 Plus is not one to dismiss. It’s got Plus in its name for a reason and boasts some of the very best features that Samsung has to offer. Don’t just take our word for it though, see for yourself, in 3D.

We’ve got some incredible Galaxy S21 Plus deals available today. We’ll even deliver yours the very next day, for free!