Looking for that funny photo of the dog? Trying to remember that great restaurant on holiday?

We take so many great photos every day, so it can be difficult to pinpoint the photo you’re looking for.

Perhaps you’re telling a really funny story, about the dog falling into the river, and you’re dying to show your friends – for effect of course.

Or, maybe you made a great lasagne once and you’re eager to post it on Insta for National Pasta Day.

Whatever it is, your iPhone has a nifty hack that’ll save you the gruelling hours of scrolling through thousands of photos.

Here’s everything about the Search feature on your Photos app.

Search don’t scroll.

Apple seem to have a hack for everything and like we said, this one is a serious time saver.

1)     Open the Photos app.

2)     Select Search in the bottom-right corner.

Now, onto what you can search for. If you’ve had various iPhones throughout the years, and want to look for a photo you took on one of your old mobiles, you can search for ‘Apple’ and the model name.

For example, if you’ve been backing up and syncing your photos since the days of your iPhone 8, simply type ‘Apple iPhone 8’ in the search bar and enjoy all the snaps you captured.

In case you haven’t learned by now, your iPhone is one hell of a smarty pants. It automatically labels and tags various objects in your photos.

This means you can search for objects, and any photos that your iPhone recognises as having said objects, will be brought up.

You’ll be able to search for things like food, dogs, cats, buildings flowers and so much more. Although if your dog looks a little like a cat, it may be worth keeping that in mind during your search…

Your iPhone will also recognise different faces in photos and will even create little photos of individual people, so you can flick through all your snaps of them.

We don’t want to say your iPhone knows where you are at all times but geotags on Photos has got us thinking.

Of course, you can disable this feature for those of you who don’t want to take advantage of it.

Holidays and days out are a prime time to capture photos and your iPhone will geotag all your photos my default.

You can search for places in Photos and even get more precise results by adding the month or year you visited this place. Great if you’re looking to make an album on Facebook of all your holiday pictures!

Searching made simple.

Like we said, this feature is set to save you a lot of time. Keen photographers can take as many snaps as they want - of food, animals, themselves, their friends and everything in between.

All that's left to do, is get a swanky new iPhone to get capture the perfect shots - and you're in the right place. We've got incredible deals on the best from Apple, with free delivery too!