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Alex, Earth
  • 5/5

  • Date: 3rd of June 2019
  • Verified Purchase

Good phone but u keep emailing me so 1 star

Joanna, Letchworth Garden City
  • 5/5

  • Date: 28th of May 2019
  • Verified Purchase

It’s great and really smart

Colin, Mansfield
  • 4/5

  • Date: 13th of May 2019
  • Verified Purchase

Great mobile but takes some getting used to after an iPhone 7. Camera is excellent. Security needs a re think but otherwise good.

Sarah, Worcester
  • 5/5

  • Date: 2nd of May 2019
  • Verified Purchase


Miss, Enniskillen
  • 5/5

  • Date: 28th of April 2019
  • Verified Purchase

I like smaller phones never liked big phones and was really worried about the size of my xr before it arrived but it’s actually amazing I love it the size is great and the apps and layout and camera in fact the whole phone is just way better than my Samsung’s and any iPhone I’ve ever had can’t fault it and battery life is super it lasts all day if charged to 100% overnight and that’s with scrolling through Facebook most of the day being on YouTube doing anything really all day I’m on my phone even in the car I’ve got my phone connected playing music and it’s great my iPhone 7 and Samsung s8’s battery life was awful charged them fully used them for an hour or 2 max and they would be dead useless batteries.... anyhow yes I’d definitely recommend the iPhone XR also got it for £43 a month with 50gb data unlimited calls and texts and a few other perks as well from buymobiles.net on ee phone looks and I’m near sure it is brand new no indication of it not being brand new bar what stores like 02, EE and carphone warehouse etc tell you when you mention buymobiles.net as they were looking £60+ a month with £200 upfront payment and only 10gb data Rob the life out of you literally!!! ... anyway point is phones lethal go for it u won’t regret it lol

Scott, Thornton-cleveleys
  • 5/5

  • Date: 12th of April 2019
  • Verified Purchase

This is my first NEW iphone. Used to have an iphone 6 plus and thought I would get the XR, the phone itself is slightly smaller but the screen slightly bigger as it uses the whole available space.
The camera is great, not normally into photos but I actually like using the various lighting effects etc and the images are crisp and clear and almost look like professional photos.
The new interface takes a bit to get used to especially if you're bouncing between devices, older ipad and new iphone. The photo ID works really well even in very low light and the battery lasts a decent amount of time.
I use wireless charging overnight and this works well but I am not what I would call a 'Power User' so it may not be sufficient for someone who constantly uses their phone.
Not found any faults as yet, if I had to nitpick and find one then it would be that you cannot place the phone on a slightly sloped smooth surface as its made of glass and seems to be completely frictionless so slides around, for best results buy a case.

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