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Doro 632

Doro 632 Black Doro

Colour: Black

A stylish, user-friendly phone that’s packed full of clever, yet easy-to-understand features.

• Find your way with GPS
• Remotely manage device content
• Handy extras like a camera and torch


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Go where you want to

With built-in GPS, it’s easier for you to find other people, and vice versa. You can get direction to a specific address, or retrace your steps to the point you started from. In other words, you won’t ever get lost when you have Doro 632 with you. Even in the dark, thanks to a handy torch. And because it brings you weather updates, you won’t get caught short when you’re out-and-about. Additional features include My Doro Manager, the function that lets you remotely manage content on Doro 632 from another device.

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