EE Flex: A Phone Plan on Your Terms

No contract or commitment. EE Flex plans give you complete freedom.

Getting the best mobile deal usually means getting a long contract. Not anymore. EE Flex plans give you complete freedom: no contract, no remembering to top up, no losing your unused data, and allowances you can change whenever it suits you.

Reasons to Love Flex

Low Cost

Plans start from just £10 a month, with plenty of data, minutes and texts.

No Contract

You can change, pause or stop your Flex plan anytime you feel like it.

Data Rollover

Any unused data from the previous month gets rolled into next month’s allowance.

Data Boosts

Get a free 500MB data boost to your monthly allowance every three months.

Easy Payments

Set up a monthly Direct Debit so you don’t have to worry about topping up.

EU Roaming

Use your data, minutes and texts when you’re abroad in the EU.


Your EE Flex SIM

When you buy a SIM free mobile from us, or a mobile phone on finance, we’ll send you a free EE Flex SIM card that you can pop straight into your new device. Then, the power is in your hands, and you can choose from one of four Flex plans to get going:


£10 - 2GB Data - 1000 Minutes - Unlimited Texts

£15 - 5GB Data - 2000 Minutes - Unlimited Texts

£25 - 10GB Data - 3000 Minutes - Unlimited Texts

£30 - 20GB Data - 3000 Minutes - Unlimited Texts


How to Set Up Your Flex Plan

1) Insert the Flex SIM into your mobile

2) Create an EE account at

3) Choose a plan with the right data, minutes and texts

4) Set up a monthly payment using your credit or debit card


Remember to download the My EE App, so you can…

  • Top up your data, minutes or texts if you run out;
  • Change, pause or stop your plan anytime you like.

Text 'App' to 150, or click the download buttons below.

Remember to download the My EE App, so you can…

  • Top up your data, minutes or texts if you run out;
  • Change, pause or stop your plan anytime you like.

Text 'App' to 150, or click the download buttons below.

Flex Plan FAQs


How do I get a Flex plan?

We’ll send you a Flex SIM with your mobile phone, when you buy one SIM free or on finance. Simply insert your Flex SIM and visit to get started.

How do I manage my Flex plan?

Once your Flex plan is set up, you can do everything from check allowances, to managing your payments, to changing your plan, all in the My EE App. It’s available for free on iOS and Android.

Is this a contract or Direct Debit?

Neither. You can cancel your Flex plan anytime in the My EE App.

Are there any charges for card payments?

EE won’t charge you. However, you should make sure that you have sufficient funds in your account to cover the monthly payment, otherwise your bank or card provider may charge you.

Do I need a credit or debit card to pay?

Yes. It’s the only way to pay for a Flex plan. It means you don’t have to worry about topping it up.

What do I do if my allowance runs out before my plan renews?

You have two options:

  • 1) Buy an add-on via My EE, to increase your data, minutes and/or texts.
  • 2) Choose a new Flex plan with a bigger allowance that better suits your needs.

How does the Data Rollover work?

If you don’t use all your monthly data allowance, it gets added (or ‘rolled over’) to the next month. If your next plan doesn’t start immediately, any leftover data still gets added so long as you start it within seven days.

How do Free Data Boosts work?

You get 500MB of extra data, for free, every three months that you keep your Flex plan rolling. It’s added to your total data amount, which means your allowance can keep growing. All you need to do is claim your Free Data Boost every three months in My EE.

Can I change my Flex plan?

Yes, any time you like. Just log into My EE and choose a new plan. Then, text NOW to 150 from your EE device to start it immediately.

How do I cancel my Flex plan?

You can either pause or cancel your Flex plan by logging into My EE and heading to Menu > Flex plans. From there, scroll down and select Cancel Plan.

Can I get a refund if I change my mind?

You sure can. Once you’ve set your card payment up, you have a 14-day cooling off period to change your mind. Just cancel the plan or add-on you’ve requested by logging into My EE. Bear in mind you will have to pay for any services you’ve used during your cooling off period.

How long does a Flex plan last?

Just 30 days. EE will always let you know the day before a payment is due, which, once taken, will keep your Flex plan going for another 30 days.

Can I keep my existing mobile number?

Yes. All you need to do is get a PAC code from your old network.

How do I check my allowances?

Find out how much data, minutes or texts you have left by logging into My EE or the My EE App. Or, simply text AL to 150 from your EE device.

The legal bit:

All pay monthly offers subject to security and credit check. Charges will apply for paper billing. Charges may also apply for non-Direct Debit payment, unless on the EE network. Promo codes cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer.

RPI Price Increase - Your monthly price plan charge will increase every year in March (EE), April (Vodafone) or May (Three) by the rate of most recently published RPI. Other prices, such as call charges and roaming costs, may also go up during your plan. Three monthly price includes £5 discount for paying by direct debit.

Trade-in - Your trade-in value is subject to you sending in your old device within 14 days of receiving your new one, as well as the condition criteria your old device is valued under, including the removal of any iCloud, Google and Samsung accounts, and the associated IMEI not being blacklisted. Full terms apply.

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