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When it counts, you can count on EE.

EE works hard to give you a connection you can rely on – because every moment matters.

The UK’s best network for 4G & 5G.


EE will keep you connected if your data runs out, so you’re never left without your mobile. Plus, you can get brilliant benefits baked right into your plan, all on the UK’s best network.

Apple Music. Our treat to you free Apple music. Get six free months of Apple Music, plus whatever you stream the data's on us. Text MUSIC to 150.
Apple News+. Read all about it. Six free months of Apple News+. Get six free months when you join Apple News+ and enjoy more than 300 magazines and leading newspapers in one place. Text NEWSPLUS to 150 to get this offer.
BritBox. Get six months of BritBox with the data on us. Stream the biggest box of British Boxsets. All part of Entertainment on EE.


Courtesy of EE, the UK’s best network for 4G and 5G.

No data? No worries

No data? No worries

We’re the only network that makes sure you stay connected, even when your data runs out. Use your phone as much as you like, and you’ll automatically switch to a slower speed when you’ve used your plan allowance – just fine for WhatsApp, Maps, and messaging friends. Because not being connected isn’t an option.

Dish out your data

Move any spare data from your Smart plan around your family’s devices in just a few clicks. If your family’s already on EE it’s easy to add them to your account, and if they’re not, it’s easy to switch them over.

The UK’s best 5G network

We’re top of the class for 5G for the second time in a row. In fact, no other network has ever won the award. So you know that, when it comes to 5G with us, you’re getting the very best connection.

A connection you can rely on

A connection you can rely on

5G gives you a more dependable connection because it’s built to handle large numbers of people using it all at once. So, when you’re in busy places like train stations and sports stadiums, you’ll experience much less buffering.

5G in more places than any other network

We’ve got the UK’s widest network coverage—so you can be confident that you’ll get a great connection on the go. It means you can enjoy our 5G connection in more places than with any other UK network.

Speeds to be jealous of

Speeds to be jealous of

We don’t need to tell you that our 5G offers faster mobile speeds than ever before: you can feel it. You’ll feel it when you download a movie and it takes seconds. When you stream a box set at high resolution with lightning speed. And when you experience video calls so crisp and clear that they feel like real life.


UK’s Best Network 8 Years In a Row: Rankings based on the RootMetrics® UK RootScore® Report: From H2 2013 to H1 2021. Tested with best commercially available smartphones on 4 national mobile networks across all available network types. Your experiences may vary. The RootMetrics award is not an endorsement of EE. Visit for more details.

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Find out if a mobile phone deal on EE is for you.

EE is officially the UK’s most reliable network.

When it comes to using your mobile, one thing is more important than anything else: reliability.

And EE’s been awarded the most reliable network in the UK. EE will keep customers connected in more places than anyone else. How? EE boasts 99% 4G population coverage, 5G in more places, and they cover more rural areas than any other network.

It doesn’t stop there. EE’s the fastest overall network in the UK, because they’ve got more capacity so customers can do more of what you love, faster, and in more locations.

EE also goes further to keep customers connected in hard to reach places—so they can enjoy coverage in ever increasing rural locations, stadiums, trainlines, and even on parts of the London Underground.

But don’t just take our word for it. Or even theirs. EE is trusted by the Home Office to provide the UK’s Emergency Services voice and data network, giving our First Responders a network they can rely on even in rural and remote areas.

All this means EE’s been awarded the UK’s best network by RootMetrics for an incredible 8 years running. So, in a nutshell, you’re either with EE, or you’re getting network envy.

What freebies come with EE mobile phone deals?

EE entertainment offers some of the best perks when it comes to mobile contracts. Signing up to an EE monthly contract not only gives you access to the fastest data speeds, but gives you endless TV, movies, and music! On EE Essential plans, you can access Apple Music, Apple News+ (iPhone users) and BritBox for six months.

Free Apple Music on EE.

EE pay monthly customers get six months of free Apple Music, meaning you can listen to your favourite songs across your phone, tablet or laptop. The network will even cover the data you use when streaming via Apple Music, meaning you can really take advantage of this free six-month music subscription. Even better, you can access new releases and browse through handpicked playlists and recommendations from every music genre.

Free Apple News+ on EE.

Keeping up with the world’s news won’t ever be an issue if you buy an iPhone on EE, as you’ll get to enjoy six months of Apple News+ for free. With this network perk, you can read more than two-hundred magazines and newspapers. You’ll be able to enjoy your favourite magazines, such as Grazia, National Geographic or Empire or browse The Times, Wall Street Journal and more.

Free BritBox on EE.

If you’re a big entertainment lover, this EE perk is for you. Watch all the latest TV shows across multiple channels, including BBC1, BBC2, ITV, Channel 4 and Channel 5. Worried about how much data you’ll use? Don’t be! EE will cover any of the data you use, so you can watch without worrying!

Get answers to your questions about EE.

Is EE coverage good where I live?

EE is known for its fantastic mobile coverage across the UK. However, if you want to check your specific location, you can use EE’s coverage checker available in our basket.

What coverage does EE have?

Ofcom have reported that EE have an 84% 4G geographic coverage in the UK – higher than any other operator. They also have a 99% population coverage, giving you reliable and super-fast access to the network.

What’s the difference between EE’s 4G and 5G?

5G with EE offers you increased speeds as well as a more reliable coverage and reduced latency. What does this mean for you? It means that your downloads will be faster than ever. With 5G your film can download in just a few minutes as oppose to 15 minutes with 4G!

Should I buy an EE deal with 4G or 5G?

EE offer superb deals with both 4G and 5G plans. As the no.1 network for 4G coverage in the UK, a 4G EE plan is certainly a winner. However, if you use your phone for downloading and streaming then a 5G deal is ideal for you. 5G gives you super-fast downloads with insanely high resolution.

Is EE’s 5G safe?

EE are here to answer any of your worries about our 5G technology! 5G uses radio frequencies that have been used for decades – without any effect on health. There’s also no evidence to suggest that 5G has any impact on nature and wildlife and with EE adding 5G to their existing sites, there’s minimal impact on the environment. EE’s 5G is perfectly safe.

Does EE’s 5G work on 4G mobiles?

5G unfortunately is only compatible with 5G smartphones – so to get the perks of 5G you will need to choose a device from the 5G range.

What’s an EE Essential Plan?

EE’s Essential Plans start from as low as £15 a month and come with incredible 5G speeds as standard. They also come with a load of free perks included, like six months of Apple Music and BritBox, as well as six months of Apple News+ on iPhones.

How do I get free Apple Music from EE?

As one of EE’s perks, they are offering you six months of Apple Music when you take out a 30-day or a shared plan. You’ll be able to stream and download all your favourite music without using your data allowance. Apple Music will appear on your bill as an add-on and EE will add £9.99 credit to your bill to pay for it!

Simply text MUSIC to 150 or log into the My EE app and follow the instructions for Apple Music!

How do I get free Apple News+ from EE?

If you’re an iPhone customer, EE are now offering you 6 months free of Apple News+. This means you can enjoy more than 200 magazines and newspapers, all from the comfort of your iPhone. Don’t worry about the bill – EE will take care of it!

How do I get free BritBox from EE?

BritBox is the amazing on-demand streaming service for British TV boxsets. Watch a variety of channels such as BBC, ITV, Channel 4 and Channel 5 – all in one place. If you’re on a pay monthly or tablet plan, you can access this major perk.

Text BRITBOX to 150 from your phone to activate this bargain deal and then use the BritBox app to stream on your EE device or on a television if you have Chromecast!

How does data gifting on EE work?

Data gifting lets you move data around your devices when someone’s running low. Simply choose the person who needs a boost, pick someone who’s spare data to give and that’s it. You can get your loved ones back online without spending an extra penny.

Open the MY EE app and go to Family Usage. Select who needs the data and who’s gifting, choose the amount and hit send on the Data Gift – it’s that simple.

RPI+/CPI Price Increase - The monthly price shown and all out of bundle charges and add ons will increase from March every year by the Consumer Price Index rate of inflation published in January that year plus 3.9%. See for details.