Mobile Phone Repairs

At your house, at work, or anywhere you choose!

Our call-out technicians will fix your broken phone at a destination that suits you - usually the same day you call. The job typically takes just 30 minutes, and is done in front of you, so you don't ever have to part with your smartphone. Every repair comes with a no-fuss 12 month guarantee, giving you peace of mind.

Call-Out Repairs

We can repair your phone at any location that suits you.

Same-Day Service

We can usually repair your phone the same day you book.

Done in 30 mins

Our repairs are quick, typically taking around 30 minutes.

How Our Repairs Work

iMend is a nationwide call-out mobile phone repair service, with years of experience in fixing a wide range of damage and faults, across many different smartphone brands. We’re delighted to have teamed up with iMend, to bring you a fast and convenient smartphone repair solution.

The Right Date & Time

When you request a call-out repair, you get to choose the date and time. Which means you don’t have to change your schedule, or cancel any plans. Our service is really flexible.

Safe & Secure

Our call-out technicians repair your mobile right in front of you, so you don’t need to worry about hiding or deleting any sensitive data or information.

Mail-In Repairs

Post your mobile phone to us, we’ll fix it and send it right back to you via tracked and insured delivery. That means your device is in safe hands the entire time.

Speedy Turnaround

Most call-out repairs take just 30 minutes to complete. Mail-in repairs are done the day we receive them, and sent back to arrive the following day. You don’t have to go without for long at all!

No Fix, No Fee

It’s unlikely, but if we’re not able to fix your smartphone, or you’re not 100% happy with the work, you don’t have to pay. That’s our way of saying we always give every job our best!

One Year Guarantee

Each and every repair comes with a no-fuss 12 month warranty. So in the unlikely event that something goes wrong with the repair, we’ll sort it out. The only exception is water damage.