We're Made for Mobile

In the last 12 months, we’ve focused our efforts on optimising the Buymobiles.net brand for mobile.
It’s at the centre of everything we do, from our site design to how we talk to customers.

We're Made for Mobiles

In the last 12 months, we’ve focused our efforts on optimising the Buymobiles.net brand for mobile. It’s at the centre of everything we do, from our site design to how we talk to customers.

We Love to Text Our Customers

When we need to talk, or send an upgrade reminder.

Our customers love using their mobiles. That’s why we text them to get in touch about important order information, or to announce when they’re eligible to upgrade. It’s more likely to get noticed than an email, and less immediate then a call. We know this because our upgrade numbers shot up by 23% after introducing text reminders.

Our Checkout Works Great on Mobile

And your tablet. Oh, your PC too. Pretty much on everything.

We redesigned our checkout to make it totally responsive across all different devices. Whether customers are shopping on their mobile, or prefer a bigger screen like their laptop, our checkout fits and works perfectly. So much so, we’ve seen a 14% conversion uplift.

Our Adverts Are Optimised for Mobile

Making it easier to find and buy the mobile you’re looking for.

Over the last 12 months, 61% of our paid search traffic came from mobile. That’s why we’ve been investing so much in ensuring our ads are perfectly optimised. Our average search position on mobile is in the top two. We adjust bids (by up to 50%) specifically for mobile, keeping us in the top spots. And we run mobile-specific links and ads, making it easier to read and contact us.

We Love to Call Our Customers

And they love to hear from friendly and helpful advisors.

We know our customers appreciate genuine and helpful advice when choosing a new mobile phone. And what better way to give it than talking them through the options? That’s why we decided to open a new call centre in 2016, giving us more resource to talk with more of our customers. The results have been great, made evident by a 64% increase in outbound sales from Q1 to Q3.

And Our Customers Love to Call Us

We’ve made it easier than ever to get in touch.

When optimising our site, we identified some device-specific opportunities, like displaying our sales telephone number to mobile users on a handset page, who need only tap the number to speak to an agent. Now, more customers than ever speak to us.

We Blog About Mobiles, for Mobiles

A fully responsive blog makes it perfect for reading on mobile.

Whether it’s a how to get the best out of your mobile article, a round-up of the best new apps, or a review of the latest and greatest smartphone, our blog is full of loads of great content for anyone and everyone interested in mobiles. Plus, it’s now fully responsive, made to look great on any device.

We’re Social, and Supportive

Tweet, Post or Direct Message when you need help.

We support our customers not just through email and over the phone, but through social media too. Our Twitter and Facebook make it easier and quicker to get in touch, and having introduced automated Direct Messages, we’re able to get the right information across more efficiently than ever.

We’re Mobile Friendly, According to Google

With an almost perfect score, if you don’t mind us saying!

Google rates the mobile friendliness of our website as ‘good’ – scoring us a satisfying 95/100. Configuring the viewport, using legible font sizes and avoiding plugins are just some of the reasons why we’re well designed for mobile.

It’s Not Just Mobiles…

We work well with your tablet, laptop and PC too!

Our website, marketing campaigns and customer support are optimised to work across the full range of devices we all like to use. You can easily switch from your laptop to your mobile for the same great experience.

Don’t Take Our Word for It

We let others do the talking...

In 2016 we were recognised as the best in the business by EE and BT. You may have read about our success on the front page of Mobile News?