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Find out if a mobile phone deal on O2 is for you.

As one of the top networks in the country, O2 has been delivering high-quality mobile services for years. Part of Telefónica, O2’s headquarters are based in Spain, but they operate across Europe and both North and Central America.

Customer experience is at the heart of O2’s values. They pride themselves on being an open and honest business, building themselves a very positive reputation that mobile customers want a piece of.

O2 – an award-winning network.

O2 have won numerous awards over the years, as chosen by UK consumers. For the third year running, O2 won Best Network Coverage at the Uswitch Mobile Awards 2020. Uswitch calculate the winner by using customer satisfaction data, making O2’s victory all the more impressive.

On top of this, O2 also won Best Network Performance at the Mobile News Awards in 2019 and 2020. Judged on network speed, coverage and reliability across the top 10 UK cities, O2 came out on top.

O2 pride themselves on being a reliable network. After being judged by Global Wireless Solutions for their reliability across the UK, O2 was crowned the most reliable network in majority of the tested towns and cities.

O2 5G services.

O2 5G services are rolling out across the country and as Britain’s Best Network for coverage, they are striving to have the best 5G offering too. With the power of 5G, your downloading and streaming will be delay and buffer-free!

With O2, you can connect to 5G in loads of major towns and cities across the UK, with those extra busy locations being priority. Key business areas, transport hubs and entertainment and sports venues given access first; with the O2 and Twickenham Stadium being prioritised. O2 are working with major UK businesses, including Network Rail, to help enhance their 5G offering all the time.

O2 monthly contract plans.

The opportunities are endless when it comes to O2 monthly contract plans. The network offers great deals with various allowances and perks included. You can choose from unlimited calls, texts and data with entertainment options to grant you even more with the network.

If you’re a heavy phone user, you’ll want to opt for a plan with a load of data, or an even an unlimited plan. If you still use your mobile for lots of texting and calls, don’t sweat – all our O2 contract plans come with unlimited of both. Contracts on O2 offer extra perks for you to enjoy, on top of you allowance, from Disney+ discounts to priority access to your favourite music and sporting events.

What freebies come with O2 mobile phone deals?

With O2’s pay-monthly deals, you can get your hands on lots of freebies. From fantastic offers with a load of data, texts and minutes to O2 Priority – you’ll definitely get your money’s worth. Some O2 contract deals even offer you free subscriptions for up to six months with the coolest services. O2 customers get the full VIP treatment at venues around the country – with queue jump priority and access to exclusive O2 customer areas!

To add to all of these perks, managing your account has been made easier with the O2 app. It lets you add bolt-ons to your account if you ever did run out of data or minutes.

Discounts on your monthly bill with your Disney+ subscription.

If you opt for a deal on O2 and pay for a Disney+ subscription, you'll automatically get a £2 discount on your monthly bill. You can watch all the latest Disney, Star Wars and Marvel films and enjoy a cheaper phone bill! The service also includes National Geographic, giving you even more shows and documentaries to keep you entertained. Disney+ now has an all new Star channel which lets you choose from a selection of TV series' and films - you'll be spoilt for choice.

Free Amazon Prime video on O2.

You can choose Amazon Prime Video as your free extra with O2. Choose from thousands of movies and TV shows on demand. New shows are released all the time, including critically acclaimed and award-winning Amazon originals, which include popular hits like Star Trek: Picard and Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan. You can also browse through a vast choice of movies, from old classics to new releases.

Extra benefits with O2 mobile deals.

With an O2 contract, you get access to Britain's best network for coverage and customer service that is built around you. You have endless entertainment with free subscriptions for up to six months on specific plans, but that's not all. O2 customers reap all the benefits of the fantastic O2 Priority loyalty programme. Enjoy treats at your favourite local places or exclusive access to gigs and sporting events. As an O2 customer, you also get access to extras at their sponsored venues. Jump queues, visit VIP areas, and more with O2 Priority.


Priority gives you freebies and deals on food, entertainment, travel, and more and is one of the things customers love the most about this network. You have access to incredible offers with everything from a free drink at your local coffee place to discounts on attractions and online offers. UK experiences let you and the family enjoy discounted days out and give you the chance to win free tickets to adventure parks and more.

Another amazing perk you get with O2 is that Priority tickets give you early access to gigs and sport. Buy tickets before anyone else and see your favourite artists perform. As well as this you can get discounts on amazing concerts and the biggest sports events of the year! Offers are available at different venues around the country and with O2 sponsored places, you can get even more perks. Skip queues and visit O2-customer only areas at the best venues, including the O2 or Twickenham Stadium.

Perks at O2 venues.

Get first-class treatment as an O2 customer when you buy tickets to an O2 event or venue. Use the fast-track lanes to skip queues at the O2 or visit the O2 lounge. Enjoy a free pre-match pint and pie at the O2 blue room by simply showing your O2 phone at the door.

My O2 app.

The O2 app is free and is a quick and easy way to manage your account. You can check your usage or view your bills, all from your phone. Change your tariff, add bolt-ons and more all from your phone. Access O2 Priority via the app and see the latest offers and exclusive discounts for network customers.

Get answers to your questions about O2.

Is O2 coverage good where I live?

O2 has superb coverage across the UK, but just to be sure it’s up to scratch in your area, you can use the O2 coverage checker. This will give you a full report on how good the 2G, 3G, 4G and 5G coverage is in your area – making sure you’re getting the most out of the service!

What UK coverage does O2 have?

O2 has excellent 3G and 2G coverage with super-fast access indoors and out. Their 4G coverage now stands at over 99% indoors – improving their customer’s experience across the UK. In even better news, O2 5G is live in many cities – meaning O2 coverage has never been better!

Is 5G coverage good on O2?

5G services with O2 are now available across many towns and cities in the UK. O2 have prioritised super-busy places like transport hubs and business areas to ensure that you have 5G access whenever and wherever you need it the most. Say hello to speedy downloads!

Does O2’s 5G work on 4G handsets?

To access O2’s super-fast 5G technology, it’s important that you choose a 5G compatible handset. Simply choose a phone from the 5G range and make the most of speedy downloads and no pesky buffering!

Do I need a 5G O2 deal to use my new phone?

If your new handset is a 5G phone, it is best to have a plan that includes 5G. Using this superfast network gives you faster speeds than 4G, and you can enjoy streaming without annoying buffering. A standard plan will work with both 4G and 5G phones, but you will want a 5G contract to make the most of your new 5G handset.

Is 5G on O2 safe?

5G on O2 is perfectly safe, using radio frequencies that have been used for decades with no impact on health. Complying with strict codes and health and safety guidelines, there’s no reason to stress about O2’s 5G. There’s also no evidence to suggest that 5G has any impact on nature and wildlife – meaning the technology is safe for everyone.

How do I get a cheap O2 deal?

O2 has some fantastic monthly contracts on offer. Unlimited data, calls, and texts will give you all you need, and if you don't use your phone a lot, there are plenty of affordable tariffs. You also get lots of extras and perks, making an O2 contract even better value for money.

How do I get Amazon Prime Video free on O2?

Buying certain O2 monthly contracts gives you the option of a free extra as part of the package. You can select Amazon Prime Video and get up to six months free from O2. Go to the Extras section in the O2 app to choose this as your included freebie.

Can I get Disney+ free on O2?

When you get a deal with O2, if you sign up for the £7.99 Disney+ subscription and receive a £2 discount on your monthly bill. Kick back and enjoy the best from Disney, Pixar, Marvel and Start Wars. This amazing perk can be added to your plan through the My O2 app!

Is Priority included with my new monthly contract?

Priority is an amazing perk, free to all O2 customers. With Priority, you can access great offers and bargains as well as the latest Priority deals online or through the My O2 app. Get exclusive tickets, days out, discounts and cool prizes – all with Priority.

What’s the My O2 app?

The My O2 app is a free service that lets you manage your account easily from your phone. You can check your allowances, add extras, and see the latest offers on Priority! View your latest bills, make payments, and get discounts on accessories with My O2!

RPI+/CPI Price Increase - Each year, your Pay Monthly airtime tariff will be adjusted according to O2’s RPI price increase model, RPI+. Your bill will be adjusted in April by the RPI rate announced in February that year, plus 3.9%.