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About the Samsung Galaxy S10

Your Samsung Galaxy S10 Guide

In this Samsung Galaxy S10 guide, we explore all of the best features of this Samsung phone. With so many pioneering features Samsung brings to this handset, it has a lot of mobile firsts.

The stunning display has the iconic Infinity-O design for uninterrupted viewing, and the powerful processor and fantastic camera make this a phone that impresses on every level. Get all the information you need on what to expect from your Samsung Galaxy S10 in our smartphone guide.

Top Samsung Galaxy S10 Features.

The top features of the Samsung Galaxy S10 include a fantastic display with a small cutout notch for the selfie camera. Slim bezels take viewing at another level, and an incredible processor makes this phone handle any task with ease.

A multi-lens True Vision camera lets you capture the wider world using an ultra-wide lens. With a long-lasting battery, you get to enjoy the many Samsung apps and features for longer. The Samsung Galaxy S10 remains one of our best-selling Samsung phones for a reason.

Samsung Galaxy S10 camera.

The Samsung Galaxy S10 camera is packing some of the best innovations in mobile photography. The triple-lens main camera has a primary 40MP camera and advanced shooting options to make each shot look its best. Single Take is the next-level burst mode. Hold the shutter for 3 seconds, and the camera takes multiple shots in different formats, you choose your favourite.

Upgraded Night Mode brightens up low light shots making all the details clear and colours stand out. Night Hyperlapse lets you capture long exposure-style video with beautiful light trails. The Telephoto camera gives you 2x optical zoom, and you can switch between wide-angle and ultra-wide to get more in the frame.

The selfie camera detects faces and quickly focuses, so you get amazing portraits in a snap of the shutter button. Live Focus allows you to adjust the depth of field, giving your selfies blurred backgrounds.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Deals

Samsung Galaxy S10 display.

The design of the Samsung Galaxy S10 display sees the introduction of a cinema-like view on a smartphone. The 6.1-inch Quad HD+ screen has super thin bezels, and a selfie camera tucked away in a small notch. The precision design gives you more display while the phone remains compact.

The Galaxy S10 was one of the first smartphones to use innovative in-screen technology for the fingerprint sensor. The reader uses ultrasonic pulses to read the ridges and valleys of your fingerprint. It creates an incredibly accurate map of your finger so only you can access your device and information.

The Dynamic AMOLED screen has an HDR10+ certification, thanks to Dynamic Tone Mapping you see real colour and contrast across each scene. The bright display works well wherever you are, even in direct sunlight. Harmful blue light is reduced when using the screen at night, to protect your eyes and reduce eye strain.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Deals

Samsung Galaxy S10 performance.

The advanced technology packed into the Samsung Galaxy S10 gives you next-generation processing power, so you never have to wait. The phone delivers fast performance while making the most of any available battery power, making it super-efficient.

Intelligent Wi-Fi and LTE keep you connected and allow you to share content faster. Enjoy immersive audio with stereo speakers and Dolby ATMOS sound. Three-dimensional audio makes your music and movie sound louder, clear, and more vibrant.

The Galaxy S10 is optimised for gaming with an advanced heat pipe cooling system, powerful GPU, and AI performance. The display delivers realistic pictures and fantastic sound when playing games, and with the Unity game engine, the experience is even better than before.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Deals

Samsung Galaxy S10 battery.

The Samsung Galaxy S10 uses intelligent power management to give you the best performance from the battery. The handset learns your daily routines and usage patterns. As it does, it will adapt what the phone is doing by switching off apps and features you don't use at certain times.

Wireless PowerShare lets you use the Galaxy S10 like a wireless charging station. Charge up your friend's phone or compatible wireless accessory by placing it on top of the Samsung Galaxy S10. Fast Wireless Charge 2.0 gives you more rapid wireless charging than other Galaxy phones.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Deals

Samsung Galaxy S10 deals: what’s available?

If you are looking to buy the Samsung Galaxy S10, you have some great options when it comes to types of deals available on this phone. Whether you want a contract Galaxy S10, a SIM-free deal, or the Galaxy S10 on finance, we have all the top deals here. You may be looking to move mobile network and want to keep your existing number, or go for a new one. Whatever way you want to go, we have the best Samsung Galaxy S10 contract deals.

We have Galaxy S10 monthly rental options on Three, Vodafone, O2, and EE. You can choose from monthly agreements with all the data you could need, and you also get lots of extras to make the most out of your new Samsung Galaxy S10. Want to stick with your current deal but looking for a new phone? A SIM-free handset is what you need. You can pay for the phone in one upfront payment or spread the cost on Samsung Galaxy S10 finance.

Samsung Galaxy S10 on a pay monthly contract

When you choose a Samsung Galaxy S10 on EE, you also get access to all the entertainment you could need. EE customers have free usage of certain entertainment apps while also enjoying the fastest network data speeds. On an EE Essential Plan, you get three months of BT Sport as well as six months of free MTV Play, and Apple Music.

With an O2 Samsung Galaxy S10, you have exclusive offers and savings on your bill. Priority is the boost you want on your new O2 contract. You can get everything from access to select gig tickets and sporting events to everyday perks like free coffee. O2 Priority also now works with Disney+, giving you endless streaming of Disney movies and a monthly discount on your bill.

Go for a Samsung Galaxy S10 with a Vodafone contract, and you have tons of entertainment and perks. Enjoy things like savings or rewards with discounts on cinema tickets, days out, and much more. Offers are updated regularly, so keep checking for the latest deals!

With Three, you can make the most of big data allowances, which is perfect for entertainment on the Samsung Galaxy S10. If you’re a heavy data user then you can opt for a Three Unlimited Plan which gives you unlimited data. Download and stream your favourite shows and movies, all without worrying about running out of data.

Samsung Galaxy S10 SIM free deals

If you want to buy Galaxy S10 SIM-free so you can keep your existing monthly deal, we have the handset-only deals you need. A SIM-free S10 is the right option if you are looking for freedom. You have a new Samsung Galaxy S10 but don't have to sign up for a new phone contract. You have total ownership of your phone, and all our SIM-free phones are UK Samsung Galaxy S10 phones for use with a UK network SIM.

Samsung Galaxy S10 on finance

Our phone finance deals let you get the Samsung Galaxy S10 now and spread the cost. If you don't want to pay the whole phone price upfront, this is the perfect option. Our Galaxy S10 finance lets you have the phone now and pay for it over 24 months. Our finance smartphones are all UK stock and can be used with any compatible UK network SIM card.

Get Answers to Your Samsung Galaxy S10 Questions.

Should I buy the Samsung Galaxy S10?

As the best-selling Samsung of 2019, the popularity of the Samsung Galaxy S10 shows no sign of slowing. A beautiful design, superior performance, and a camera that makes you shoot like a pro are just some of the things this phone has to offer. It's the perfect phone if you want flagship features at an affordable price.

What Galaxy S10 has a bigger screen?

If you are looking for a bigger display in the Samsung Galaxy S10 range, then the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus is the one to buy. It has a 6.4-inch Infinity-O display and super features. The Samsung Galaxy S10 gives you the same top technology with a more compact 6.1-inch screen.

What are the best features of Samsung Galaxy S10?

The Samsung Galaxy S10 has plenty of premium features that will keep you happy. A superb display and incredible audio make it great for gaming. The impressive triple-lens camera lets you capture the world in amazing detail, and the long-lasting battery keeps going for longer between charges. If you want to experience the Galaxy S range but at a bargain price, this is the phone to get.

What Samsung Galaxy S10 colour should I get?

The Samsung Galaxy S10 you choose will look great from every angle. Samsung has given the Galaxy S10 a sleek and slim build that looks great in any colour. A classic black Galaxy S10 is a popular option, or the S10 white is another excellent choice. The green Samsung Galaxy S10 has an eye-catching finish that will stand out.

Should I buy the Galaxy S10 or wait for the new Galaxy S30?

The 2020 release of the Samsung Galaxy S30 is bound to deliver some new and exciting things on the latest Samsung phone. However, as the latest flagship phone, it will come at a much higher price than the S10. If you want top technology but want to pay less, the Galaxy S10 is the phone for you.

Should I buy Galaxy S10 or Galaxy S10 Plus?

The Samsung Galaxy S10 sits in the middle of the S10 range, so it has the right amount of everything. If you want a bigger screen, then the 6.4-inch Samsung S10 Plus might be more suitable. The 6.1-inch Infinity-O screen is a decent size for watching shows while still allowing the phone to remain compact and sleek, so the Galaxy S10 is an excellent all-round smartphone.

Should I buy Samsung Galaxy S10 on contract, SIM free or finance?

The best Samsung Galaxy S10 deal for you will be based on what you want. If you are coming to the end of your existing monthly contract, you can get some fantastic deals on the Galaxy S10 on contract. If you prefer to keep your existing network and agreement, a SIM-free Samsung Galaxy S10 is the one to buy. Our SIM-free Samsung Galaxy S10 deals can be paid for in one upfront payment or with smartphone finance.

What is the best Galaxy S10 price?

As a top-selling Samsung phone from 2019, there are some great Samsung Galaxy S10 prices on deals right now. You will find all the S10 contract deals from the biggest UK networks, as well as SIM-free phones and smartphone finance options.

Is this a new UK Samsung Galaxy S10 with a warranty?

All of our new Samsung Galaxy S10 handsets are UK stock and have a 12-month manufacturer's warranty. If you decide to buy a refurbished phone, you get the peace of mind of a 12-month supplier warranty with our second-hand Samsung Galaxy S10 phones.

What network should I buy Samsung Galaxy S10 on?

We have Samsung Galaxy S10 deals from all the best UK networks, so you can find the perfect deal that suits you. The major networks have excellent UK coverage, but when moving to a new provider, it's best to check service in the areas you live and work. If you have a network you prefer, you can filter the Galaxy S10 contract deals to that provider and pick the best one.

How do I get the best price on Samsung Galaxy S10?

With all the best S10 deals here, you will easily find the best price. We offer the most choice, so you get the best Samsung Galaxy S10 price. With our free next day delivery, you can buy a Samsung Galaxy S10 and get it in no time.

Why are your Samsung Galaxy S10 deals so good?

We buy our Samsung Galaxy S10 stock not just from the UK, but from Europe as well. That means we’re able to source the best possible prices and pass those savings on to you through better deals.

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