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Three mobile phone deals.

Get a Three mobile phone deal to snap, chat, roam, explore and enjoy more, all on the network voted best for data.

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Find out if a mobile phone deal on Three is for you.

The best network for data – as awarded at the 2017 uSwitch Mobile Awards.

Three made its debut back in 2003 and was known for being the first 3G only network – making them strong favourites from the get-go. They have continued to grow and now have more than 10 million customers – and they pride themselves on delivering exactly what those customers want. Three customers use and average of 3.5 times more mobile data than the industry average.

Three have acquired the most holdings of the UK 5G spectrum, with more than any of the networks combined. This alone has made them the only operator to meet the ITU (International Telecoms Union) 2020 standard for full 5G services – so it comes as no surprise that Three are the best network for data.

Three, an award-winning network.

Three is an incredibly popular UK network, shown in the sheer number of awards they’ve won. Voted by an expert panel and consumers, Three has been named Mobile Choice Best Network for Data 2019 and with tons of data included in their monthly plans on top of their excellent reliability – it’s easy to see why they were chosen as a winner.

Three was also named the Best Network for Roaming at the uSwitch Mobile Awards 2020. With available roaming across 71 destinations, it was definitely a worthy win.

The awards don’t stop there, Three have also been named Best Value Network 2019 and were awarded TechRadar Deal of the Year 2019.

Three is building the UK’s fastest 5G network.

Three have lived up to expectations when it comes to their 5G access. A 100MHz 5G experience will deliver razor-sharp gaming, ultimate streaming and almost instant downloads. As the network has more of the 5G spectrum than any other provider, it can handle much more without sacrificing speed.

After investing in the UK’s first Cloud-core network, Three are able to deliver a virtualised network that’s 5G ready and supported by existing systems – giving customers access to an efficient and reliable network.

Three is the only one to give you unlimited data.

With the ever-growing streaming and browsing opportunities, you would think that all networks offered unlimited data, yet Three is the only mobile provider to offer you unlimited data without sacrificing your download speeds.

Tariffs with unlimited data are available on pay monthly deals and offer excellent value for money. You can choose from plans with all the minutes and texts you need and if unlimited data isn’t for you, there are many other plans more suit ed to you.

Extra benefits with Three mobile deals.

Go further with Go Roam, where you can use your included data, minutes and text allowances for no extra cost – when in Go Roam destinations! You can also control your spending and manage your account with the superb Three App.

Go Roam.

Three’s Go Roam service lets you use your plan and add-on allowances in over 70 destinations. It is comprised of Go Roam Europe and Go Roam Around the World. You can use your plan whilst traveling the world at no extra cost. If you do run out of minutes, texts and data, you can get special roaming rates as part of the package.

Three app.

The Three app is a great way to control your mobile spending and manage your account. There’s no need to wait around for answers, do it all from the ease of your smartphone. You can access your allowances to see in real-time what you have used and what you have left. View your bills, add extras to your account and see what services you currently have. Control your spending by blocking premium numbers or seeing how close you are to your limit, so you don't go over it. And if you do need a little help, Live Chat is also available so you can talk to a customer adviser when needed!

Unlimited data on Three.

When Three promises unlimited data, that is exactly what you get – unlimited. With Three, you get the same superfast speed whenever you are browsing or streaming. The unlimited data plans are not only restricted to 4G but stretch across to 5G plans – meaning you can make the most out of your new 5G smartphone.

Get answers to your questions about Three.

Is Three coverage good where I live?

Three is one of the best networks for UK population coverage, however just to double check that you’ll be getting the best service with Three, you can use their coverage checker. This will give you easy to read colour coded data to determine how good the coverage is in your chosen location – making things super easy for you.

What coverage does Three have?

Three coverage is outstanding, covering 99.8% of the UK outdoor population, they were voted best network for data for a reason. Their 5G network is growing every day and with a number of 5G zones around the country, getting online has never been quicker. You can look at Three’s postcode checker to find the 5G zones, then get yourself a 5G device to access it.

What’s the difference between Three’s 4G and 5G?

Three’s 4G is hugely popular and for good reason as it covers 99.8% of the UK outdoor population. The key difference between Three’s 4G and 5G is speed. 5G offers you what you need super-fast. Three’s 5G spectrum is 140MHz and as the only UK network to have that much holding on the spectrum, their 5G access is unbeatable. 5G brings you faster downloads, uploads, browsing, gaming and so much more.

Should I buy a Three deal with 4G or 5G?

The answer to this question really depends on what you use your phone for. Both 4G and 5G deals will offer you fast speeds, however if you use your phone regularly for gaming or streaming shows, then a 5G deal will be best for you. If you are buying a 5G phone, you will need a 5G contract to make the most of your new phone and the network.

Is 5G on Three safe?

Three’s 5G radio frequencies that have been used for decades – without any effect on health. They follow strict health and safety guidelines and with no existing evidence to suggest that 5G has any impact on nature and wildlife, Three’s 5G is as safe as can be.

Will a 4G mobile work on 5G with Three?

5G mobile services require a phone that has the relevant technology to use the service. To get access to the Three 5G network, you will need to buy a 5G phone.

What’s the Three app?

The Three app, known as My3, lets you easily manage your Three account. You can check your allowances, bills and access any information about Three’s offers and discounts. Simply install the My3 app on your device to get started!

How do I get Go Roam on Three?

Go Roam is available in 71 countries and automatically activates when you travel to one of these destinations. You will need to ensure that data roaming is switched on, on your device.

How do I get a cheap Three deal?

You can find all of our best Three deals on our websites. Browse the latest handsets and compare the monthly contract fees to find the best mobile deal for you.

RPI+/CPI Price Increase - Your monthly price plan charge will increase every year in May by the rate of most recently published RPI. Other prices, such as call charges and roaming costs, may also go up during your plan. Three monthly price includes £5 discount for paying by direct debit.