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Discover V-Auto by Vodafone

V-Auto with a V-Sim by Vodafone transforms your car into a smart car. Giving you reassurance that you and your loved ones are safe when on the roads.

Subject to Vodafone network and GPS signal



Auto SOS

Have peace of mind knowing that, if your car’s in a serious collision, Auto SOS can call to see if you need emergency services.

When you or a loved one’s out on the road, safety is never far from your thoughts. So it’s reassuring to know that Auto SOS is there for you.



My trips

See the routes you and your loved ones have taken, with details of all your car journeys at your fingertips.

My trips gives you a detailed view of every journey. So you can look back at where you’ve been and plan more efficient journeys for the future.



Find my car

Lost car? Find my car shows you where it is on a map, whether it’s parked or on the move.

The V-Auto app and gives you directions to its location by foot, car or public transport when you’re in areas with our network and GPS coverage.




V-Auto device


Requires a £4.00 monthly subscription





V-Bag by Vodafone

Clip it on or put it into your bag and you’ll be able to track its location straight to your phone even when you’re not nearby.

With MOVETRACK’s 4 day battery life and water and dust resistant design, you can have even more confidence in being able to find your bag.



Never lose things you love

We all dread that moment, when you reach for your bag and it’s not where you left it. Now with Alcatel’s MOVETRACK tracker connected to our network with a V-sim, you can quickly find it again even when it is in areas without Bluetooth or WiFi.



Keep your valuables secure

Tell MOVETRACK exactly where your bags should stay using Safe zones, and get instant alerts to your smartphone in areas with our network coverage and GPS signal if they’re moved outside the specified area.


V-Bag device


Requires a £3.00 monthly subscription





V-Pet by Vodafone

Your pet is part of the family, so losing them is unimaginable.

With Kippy’s GPS tracker, you can find their location straight from your tablet or phone in areas of Vodafone network coverage.



Safe Zones

Pets love to explore – but keeping an eye on them can be a challenge. Make it simple by setting up Safe Zones with Kippy’s app, and get alerts if they wander.



Activity Monitor

Knowing your pet’s health is crucial. That’s why Kippy’s activity monitor lets your pet tell you about their day with helpful health tips.

Track their activity from walking, running, sleeping, eating and even calorie consumption in a dashboard with a daily view and set goals to maintain their health.




V-Pet device


Requires a £4.00 monthly subscription





V-Camera by Vodafone

Keep an eye on everything you love with Arlo Go – a 4G, wirefree and weatherproof camera.

Connected with a V-Sim by Vodafone, so you can use it outside the home in areas with our network coverage without needing cords, Bluetooth or WiFi.



Keep most spots covered

No WiFi. No cords. No limits. Thanks to Arlo’s wire free power and 4G connection, you can keep most spots covered when in areas with Vodafone network coverage and even take Arlo Go with you when you leave home and go abroad in most European countries.



Never miss a moment

With night-vision, weatherproof design and Vodafone’s network be confident that Arlo Go will capture every moment. Night and day, rain or shine.

Stay in the know even when you’re not there with instant alerts sent straight to your phone or tablet when Arlo Go detects a sound or movement.


V-Camera device


Requires a £4.00 monthly subscription






The legal bit:

All pay monthly offers subject to security and credit check. Charges will apply for paper billing. Charges may also apply for non-Direct Debit payment, unless on the EE network. Promo codes cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer.

RPI Price Increase - Each year, your Pay Monthly airtime tariff will be adjusted according to the Retail Price Index (RPI) rate of inflation. Your bill will be adjusted in March (EE), April (O2 & Vodafone) and May (Three) by the rate announced in January (EE & Three), February (O2) and March (Vodafone).

Trade-in - Your trade-in value is subject to you sending in your old device within 14 days of receiving your new one, as well as the condition criteria your old device is valued under, including the removal of any iCloud, Google and Samsung accounts, and the associated IMEI not being blacklisted. Full terms apply.

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