WiFi Calling

Make calls without any signal

No Signal? No problem

So long as you’re connected to WiFi, you can always make calls and send texts, with or without signal. That’s thanks to EE’s exclusive service called WiFi Calling.

WiFi Calling is supported across the most popular iPhones, including iPhone 7, iPhone 7 PlusiPhone 6siPhone 6s Plus, iPhone 6iPhone 6 Plus, and iPhone SE.

Reasons to Love Wifi Calling

No Apps

WiFi Calling integrates itself into the phone dialler, so you don't need an extra app. Your experience won’t appear any different.

No Bill Changes

Calls and texts over WiFi Calling don’t cost any extra, instead they come straight out of your monthly allowance like normal.

Stay Connected

Once you activate WiFi Calling, you won’t have to keep on connecting to it every time it’s needed. The process is automated.


Enjoy WiFi Calling on the London Underground, so you can stay connected to the outside world on your morning commute.


Getting Wifi Calling Set Up

It’s really simple to get WiFi Calling activated on your iPhone. There are just three steps you need to follow.

Get Latest Software

Go to Settings > General > Software Update, select Download and Install. Once completed, you may be required to update your Carrier Version, which can done by in Settings > General > About.

Turn WiFi Calling on

Go to Settings > Phone > Wi-Fi Calls. Switch the Allow Wi-Fi Calls toggle to the right, turning it on. It should now be coloured green. This can take up to 24 hours to activate, and EE will send you a text when it’s ready.

Connect to Wifi

Now connect your iPhone to your WiFi network. When successfully connected, you’ll see a small logo positioned on the top left of your iPhone’s display, reading ‘WiFiCall’. Boom! WiFi Calling is ready to go!

Getting Wifi on the Underground

Keep connected, at no extra cost, even when you’re commuting on the London Underground. Just follow these three simple steps to get set up.


Just text EEWIFI to 9527 and EE will send you a text with your unique passcode.


Open Virgin Portal

When you’re next on the Underground, open your iPhone browser and it'll automatically direct you to the Virgin portal page.

Sign in on EE

You’ll need to use your phone number, email and unique passcode to activate. You’ll automatically connect to WiFi on the Underground!

Compatible iPhones